Values & concept


We are a down-to-earth Bavarian family-owned company and we can act financially independently. This enables us to grow independently, so that growth is healthy and sustainable.

Customer focus

The customer is our focus; that's why proximity to the customer and a constant trusting exchange with our customers are especially important. We pay attention to our customers' desires and try to implement these as best we can.


Each and every employee contributes to the company's success; that's why we interact with respect and work to incorporate each individual. Our employees are the company's most valuable asset.


Quality is our highest priority and is achieved through state-of-the-art technologies and our decades of mechanical engineering expertise. Our premium products are produced sustainably with great manufacturing depth and a lot of love of detail, in accordance with the motto "Made in Bavaria."

Our machines are designed and developed for practical application based on many years' practical experience. Our focus is on reliable, economical use of the machines, high quality of work, and practicality with regard to maintenance and service.


Innovation for products and machine features is driven constantly by market developments and customer desires. Our innovations are developed completely and tested extensively up to manufacturing before the machines reach our customers.


Around the world, we are represented in the most important areas where sugar beets and potatoes are grown. That's how we continue to learn and our practical experience continues to grow. With our subsidiaries, dealers, and service partners, we are close to the customer on-site around the world.