Raccoon - wash sugar beets and remove stones in the field

Washing sugar beets and removing stones in the field during harvest: this is the function of the ROPA raccoon, an ingenious conversion installed by Palandt Agrartechnik, the ROPA service agent in Lower Saxony.

A wet stone removal system using the extraction process with beet washing and sand removal is integrated into the bunker of the ROPA Tiger. With 6 m³ of water on board approximately 2 ha of beets can be harvested without stones before the tank has to be refilled.


Soil-protective hydraulic chassis system with new tyre technology

ROPA R-Soil Protect is a soil-protective, hydraulic chassis system with MICHELIN CerexBib tyre technology with for the first time only 1.4 bar tyre inflation pressure for efficient harvesting of root crops. Thanks to networking of all three hydraulically supported axles wheel load is balanced between all wheels and load peaks on a wheel are consistently excluded. The blend of the hydraulic chassis with the new generation MICHELIN IF1000/55 R32 CerexBib tyres offers a larger contact surface with significantly reduced contact pressure.

Hydraulic chassis system - roll stabilisation with load compensation

Specifically for the Tiger 5, ROPA has developed an innovative chassis concept with an oscillating front axle in conjunction with 2 hydraulically supported rear axles. Compared to previous chassis of 3-axle beet harvesters (the central axle is fixed to the frame) this reduces the sway of machine by one third! This is the result of the hydraulic connection of the cylinders on the front and rear axles on one side, so that the ground unevenness at the wheel in level difference affects the frame only to 33 percent - roll stabilisation of the chassis. Thanks to the reduction of the chassis swing, the row and depth control are improved simultaneously, as the frame is averaged to the position of three axles. The hydraulic connection of the axles distributes the load always equally.

Hydraulic chassis system


The automatic levelling system using six hydraulic cylinders and sensors is unique among 3-axle beet harvesters. The chassis is kept completely horizontal for up to 10 percent side slope. The centre of gravity and as a result the load on the wheels on the downhill side of the slope are shifted to the uphill side of the slope.


The weight and track depth of the wheels on the lower side of the slope is substantially reduced, the infiltration capacity of the soil is retained, thus significantly reducing erosion risk during heavy rain. Slope stability and traction are greatly increased. The risk of tipping over is considerably reduced and driving comfort is increased. Soil-protective sugar beet harvesting also on the side slope without additional tyres inflation pressure increase!

Automatic slope compensation

Stepless gearbox for field and road

Direct power transmission with cardan shafts ensures even traction at all wheels with very high torque

As a unique selling proposition on the market of 3-axle sugar beet harvesters, the Tiger has a direct power transmission via directly linear situated cardan shafts from traction drive to both rear axles and front axle, which is a great advantage for better traction in changing or difficult soil and harvesting conditions. Thanks to hydraulic chassis the load is always distributed evenly. Thus, lead or lag between the axles are consistently excluded.

Stepless CVR gearbox for efficient power transfer

The new stepless traction drive was specifically developed by ROPA, Omsi and Bosch-Rexroth for the ROPA Tiger with its high drive power. The "constant variable ROPA" gearbox (CVR) consists of three hydraulic motors on a compound gearbox and is located between the engine compartment and the third axle.


The very spacious R-Cab driver's cabin has been significantly upgraded for the model year 2016. It is oriented to the driver, who has the best overview of the redeveloped PR2 lifting unit from a physiologically appropriate and comfortable seating position. An easy-to-care, pleasant and gorgeous interior of the cabin guarantees the most comfortable operation. Generously dimensioned shelves, storage compartments and plenty of space around the driver. Even a cooling box is integrated under the passenger seat. Extremely powerful fully LED working lights turn night into day.


ROPA combines under the name R-Concept its new intuitive operating philosophy. A large 12.1 inch touch screen performs as the information and command centre of the machine. From here the operator monitors the entire machine, receives information about operating conditions and performance data. The system can be operated either by finger touch on the touch screen or by turning and pressing the "R-Select" and "R-Direct" rotary buttons, which are positioned in the ergonomically perfect position at the control panel near the handle of the multifunctional joystick.