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All ROPA potato harvesters impress with a variety of practical unique selling points. Particular highlights are fully hydraulic drive with its own load-sensing hydraulics, telescopic axle and automatically controlled drive axle. Many proven components of the Keiler 2 have been adopted in the design of Keiler 2 Classic. The Keiler 2 Classic differs mainly due to both pintle belts which function as separation devices.

Here are some impressions of the first use experience of Keiler potato harvesters from various customers in Germany and around the world.

Two ROPA Keiler 2 Classics with double bunker at BüSta Dienstleistungs- und Handels GmbH & Co. KG from Luckau, Lower Saxony

Double bunker for gentle separation and sorting

BüSta resulted from the merger of the businesses of Johannes Büsch and Kevin Stanau. In order to optimise their farms and increase efficiency, the young farmers rely on the joint use of staff and machinery. The farm of Johannes Büsch is managed according to organic farming guidelines (Bioland), and the farm of Kevin Stanau follows Naturland guidelines.

Today, they cultivate around 500 ha of arable land, of which about 100 ha is given to potatoes and 50 ha to onions.

The Keiler 2 Classic with double bunker allows to separate baby potatoes directly on the harvester in order to sell it later.

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Two Keiler 2 - Großmann‘s Feldfrüchte in Vierkirchen-Pasenbach, Bavaria

One of the largest organic farms in Bavaria, Grossmann‘s Feldfrüchte, chooses ROPA

The potato harvest is in full swing at the two-generation farm of Peter Grossmann-Neuhäusler. This is already routine for the well-rehearsed team – but new this season are two ROPA Keilers, which harvest the organic potatoes. The operation is completely mechanized for the planting, care, and harvest of the fields and, thanks to new investments, offers storage capacities for approx. 8,000 t of potatoes. In total, between 40 and 60 seasonal workers are employed at peak times for harvest, care, and storage work.

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Keiler 2 Classic - Lohnbetrieb Hartmut Lossin in Berge, Brandenburg

Keiler 2L Classic - Unimat Valloy Antoine Barizet in Silly-Le-Long, France

Keiler 2L Classic - Dambrine Frère Jean-Michel in Agnez les Duisans, France

Keiler 2 Classic onion harvest - customer Martin Amann Vohburg, Bavaria

Keiler 2 Classic - Customer Egon Clemens Zahna-Elster, Saxony-Anhalt

Keiler 2 Classic - demonstration at Palandt AgrarTec GmbH Uelzen, Lower Saxony

Keiler 2 Classic WD XL bunker - potato and onion harvest at customer Hermann Blanck from Oldendorf, Lower Saxony

Keiler 2 Classic WD - demonstration at sales and service partner Pekoman Oy in Kaskinen, Finland

Video with details of the ROPA Keiler 2 Classic WD

ROPA France in Golancourt, France

Keiler 2 Classic Silver Edition - Lars & Hedwig Wahl GbR from Gerolsheim, Rhineland-Palatinate

Keiler 2 Classic - customer Thomas Batz from Pförring, Bavaria

On the "Bulldog" with customer Thomas Batz

At the beginning of September 2021, we visited Thomas Batz and his family during the potato harvesting campaign. The family-run farm is located in the Eichstätt district, Bavaria. Besides grain and sugar beet, the main crops grown at the farm are table potatoes and potatoes for seed propagation. In total, the potato cultivation area is about 60 hectares.
For the sale of table potatoes, a careful harvesting is of the utmost importance. “Our table potatoes mainly go to washing and to various packing companies, for which our potatoes may not have any quality defects, especially any damage,” explained Thomas Batz. The same applies to the growing of seed potato as pathogens and viruses can penetrate through damaged tubers.
In order to meet these high demands on each potato crop kind, Thomas Batz chose the ROPA Keiler 2 Classic last year in 2020. Another reason for the farmer to buy a ROPA machine was the proximity to the company or to the trusted dealer. “The ROPA company and its dealer, with whom I have had only good experiences so far, are practically right on my doorstep, so the decision to buy a ROPA Keiler was an easy one.”
This year, the ROPA Keiler is completing its second harvest season at the farm of Thomas Batz. The farmer says that, he is satisfied with the technology, durability and quality of the ROPA machine. He has not yet required much customer service which actually was crucial to his choice. “The harvester has not caused any problems so far,“ explained Thomas Batz.

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