Double bunker

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Two ROPA Keilers 2 Classic with double bunker in operation at BüSta Dienstleistungs- und Handels GmbH & Co. KG in Luckau/Lower Saxony

BüSta resulted from the merger of the businesses of Johannes Büsch and Kevin Stanau. In order to optimise their farms and increase efficiency, the young farmers rely on the joint use of staff and machinery. The farm of Johannes Büsch is managed according to organic farming guidelines (Bioland), and the farm of Kevin Stanau follows Naturland guidelines.

Today, they cultivate around 500 ha of arable land, of which about 100 ha is given to potatoes and 50 ha to onions.

The Keiler 2 Classic with double bunker allows to separate baby potatoes directly on the harvester in order to sell it later.

So far there have been no two-row potato harvesters with double bunkers, which is why in the past potatoes were harvested with three single-row harvesters. ROPA has now fulfilled the wishes of both young farmers and developed the Keiler 2 Classic with double bunker to include in its product range. As a result of the increased efficiency, the machine park has been reduced from three to two potato harvesters. Which has a positive economic impact as the need for a tractor and sorting staff during the campaign has been reduced as well.

The 8 t bunker, divided in a ratio of 3 to 1 (6 t to 2 t), has separate filling slides and an automatic filling function for the main bunker. Both bunkers can be unloaded separately from one another. The overloading height is 4.20 meters, for efficient filling of large trucks, as well as boxes and trailers.

Double bunker for gentle separation and sorting

Keiler 2 Classic with double bunker ensures gentle separation and allows small potatoes to be sorted out directly on the potato harvester - a particular advantage.

Small-sized potatoes are sorted out by the grader rollers on the picking conveyor into the divided bunker segment, loaded separately on trailers or in boxes and can be sold during harvest time, e.g. as baby potatoes. This saves storage capacity and at the same time offers advantages in terms of ventilation and storability of normal crop.

Four grader rollers, steplessly adjustable in the range of 25 - 40 mm, perform separation directly after the picking conveyor. The ergonomically designed sorting platform provides enough place for comfortable working of up to 8 operators.

Harvesting at BüSta – separate merchandising of baby potatoes

For even more gentle handling of potatoes during harvesting the Keiler 2 Classic can be equipped with a hydraulically foldable tray filler with rubber baffles.

On both farms, the boxes are stocked from the field, so clean sorting during the harvest is important. The generously designed space for sorting personnel, pleasant working environment with a sun canopy and low operating noise, and very good accessibility are further advantages of the Keiler 2 Classic.

Comfortable work and plenty of space for the sorters

The completely hydraulic drive of the whole harvester enables extremely low-vibration and noise-reduced work on ergonomically designed sorting platforms. Various adjustment possibilities for machine optimisation and its maintenance-friendly and accessible construction make the Keiler 2 Classic the first choice when it comes to potato harvesting.

The unique chassis design with telescoping axle and high-volume 850/50 R30.5 radial tires ensure greater stability and comfort. While a transport width of 3 meters is kept on the road or for initial lifting, during normal lifting the Keiler glides on the field with a track width of 3.5 meters.

Harvesting onions with the Keiler 2 Classic

In addition, harvesting of onions, which in the past was outsourced to contractors, will from now on be carried out by their own Keiler 2 Classic.

ROPA has designed a practical new quick-change system for switching between ridge pickup and swath pickup or pickup for carrots etc.. The Keiler 2 pickup can be changed in just a few minutes. One person can perform the complete coupling process easily and without requiring special tools.

For service and sales, Büsta is supported by ROPA Service- und Vertriebspartner Palandt Agrartec in Uelzen and directly on-site by Walter Schulze Landmaschinen GmbH & Co.KG.

Many thanks to all participants for the good cooperation, the hospitality and the positive atmosphere!

Special thanks to Johannes Büsch und Kevin Stanau!