Technical data


9.60 m


3.00 m


3.53 m (with 26.5" tyres)

Bunker capacity

approx. 6,000 kg

Bunker width

2.235 m

Overloading height

4.20 m

Drawbar length

1.73 m


2.35 m

Sieve conveyor 1

800 mm wide

Sieve conveyor 2

840 mm wide

Leaf chain

950 mm wide

Pintle belt 1

1050 mm (800 + 250 mm) wide

Pintle belt 2

900 mm wide

Pre-separation with hydraulically driven twin deflector rollers height and speed-adjustable from the picking table

Main separation with 4-rows rotating finger comb (UFK), height and speed-adjustable from the picking table

Picking conveyer

750 mm wide

Trash conveyer

300 mm wide

Est. tractor efficiency

min. 60 kW

PTO drive

540 rpm

Row width

750 to 900 mm

Haulm intake rollers

Ø 340 mm

Included in standard equipment

Equipment with added value

✔ Fully hydraulic drive of the whole harvester

✔ Automatic ridge centring

✔ Pickup with quick-change function

✔ Sieving conveyors and haulm conveyor are infinitely adjustable from tractor

✔ 900 mm wide pintle belt 2

✔ Separation unit with 4 rotary finger combs (UFK), the speeds of 2 rows each can be separately adjusted

✔ Trash conveyor driven and continuously adjustable separately from the picking conveyor

✔ 6 t bunker with pad-roll floor

✔ Hydraulic steering of drawbar and axle

✔ Hydraulic support stand

✔ High-volume standard tyres 600/55-26.5, air brake

✔ ISOBUS control unit for easy adjustment of all functions from the tractor

Optional equipment

Chassis and tyres

- Tyres 600/55 R26.5 radial

- Tyres 710/45 R26.5 radial

- Lifter wheel 16.5/85-24

- Hydraulic slope compensation including automatic function

Pickup / sieving channel

- Lifter depth adjustment hydraulic instead of mechanical including ridge pressure control, steplessly adjustable from the tractor

- Ridge roller, deep model

- Share, one-blade

- Share, three-blade

- Stone protection for share pickup

- Hydraulics for hydraulic disc coulter/swath pickup with lifter shaft and cover belt

- Hydraulically driven disc coulter right

- Disc coulter right also mechanical

- Swath pickup with lifter shaft, hydraulic cover belt and depth guide wheels

- Share pickup for special crops, e.g. carrots, with depth guide wheels

- Haulm pickup rollers, wide model (75 mm)

- Agitator in sieving channel 1 for better separation of haulm and potatoes

- Stainless steel plates in sieving channel 1

- Rubber paddle roller on drive shaft

- Sieve conveyor 1 cleaning roller

Leaf separation

- Additional 7th leaf spring row

- Leaf chain, wide-mesh


- Hydraulic adjustment of pintle belt 1 and pintle belt 2 with automatically operated cylinder

- UFK electric height adjustment

- UBK 6x (brushes instead of fingers), 2 rows each separately driven, speed adjustable

- Bottom deflector roller with spiral design on pintle belt 1 (e.g. for carrots)

Picking table

- Sorting with 4 rollers, steplessly adjustable, adjustment range 25 - 40 mm, including sorting container

- Trash return conveyor with switching flap

- Collection box with discharge conveyor, hydraulically driven


- Pad-floor bunker steplessly adjustable with metal strips

- Bunker articulation can be hydraulically lowered

- Tray filler funnel width 900 mm, hydraulically folding

- Tray filler funnel width 1,900 mm, hydraulically folding

- Bunker filler slide including automatic filling


- ROPA Touch Terminal instead of ROPA Basic Terminal

- Control unit at PLUS picking table, mechanical speed adjustment of separator units and adjustment of lifting functions at terminal

- Control unit at Premium picking table, electric speed adjustment of separator units

- Programming buttons for saving 6 lifter programs

- Automatic sieve conveyor controlled by driving speed

- TASK controller for crop management with ROPA terminal

- Basic ISOBUS equipment for tractor without preparation

- Up to 4 LED working lights on sieving channel, UFK and sorting conveyor and also 1 rotating beacon

- Video system with up to 6 camera positions

- Storage compartment at left ladder

Protection from sun and weather

- Canopy I - sunshade for picking table without side panels, with mounting frame

- Canopy II - weather protection for picking table with side panels, with mounting frame

- Canopy lights