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All ROPA potato harvesters impress with a variety of practical unique selling points. 

Here are some impressions from the first use of new Keiler potato harvesters at some customers from Bavaria, Germany and the whole world.

Keiler 1 - first use at the Baumann/Kassau machinery cooperative from Bielefeld, North Rhine-Westphalia

Keiler 1 double bunker - use at Ezox Corporation in Hokkaido, Japan

Keiler 1 - customer Jakob Gerbl from Oberding, Bavaria

Keiler 1 - Franz Sander from Mamming, Bavaria

Keiler 1 double bunker - customer TCPoint AG from Worben, Switzerland

Keiler 1 double bunker - demonstration at farmer Housi Bracher in Switzerland

Keiler 1 - Erzeugergemeinschaft Brück & Vogelsang, Mandelbachtal-Ommersheim, Saarland

Keiler 1 - demonstration Anliker Landtechnik AG in Fraubrunnen, Switzerland

Keiler 1 - demonstration at sales and service partner Pekomat Oy in Kaskinen, Finland

Keiler 1 - Fedders farm from Eyendorf, Lower Saxony

Keiler 1 - customer Bernhard Lüthi from Kirchberg, Switzerland with farmer Housi Bracher

Keiler 1 with weather protection - EARL Kuntzmann from Krautergersheim, France

Keiler 1 - customer Stefan Süess from Dintikon, Switzerland

Keiler 1 - Rodegemeinschaft Niederhollabrunn, Austria

Keiler 1 and Keiler 2 - ROPA Poland Demonstration in Kalinowa, Poland

Keiler 1 - machine test from "agrarheute", Bavaria

Keiler 1 - customer Josef Stastny from Straky, Czech Republic

Potato harvesting

Onion harvesting with swath pickup

Keiler 1 - EARL Barizet from Villers Saint Genest, France

Keiler 1 - demonstration machine of the Brack Landtechnik AG from Unterstammheim, Switzerland