Pickup control - fully automatic ROPA ridge pressure regulation

■    Ridge pressure relief and ridge pressure regulation as required (optional)
■    Adjustment while driving - conveniently from the tractor cabin
■    Depth guide and ridge pressure relief
■    Optional range of different lifter shares (one-blade, two-blade, three-blade)
■    Optional different ridge rollers (flat, deep)
■    Optional stone protection for lifter shares

Individually configurable

■    Optional range of different lifter shares (one-blade, two-blade, three-blade)

■    Optional stone protection for lifter shares

■    Optional different ridge rollers (flat, deep)

Additional disc coulter (optional)

The additional disc coulter cuts through even large amounts of haulm for harvesting without blockages

Hydraulically driven disc coulter (optional)

The hydraulically driven disc coulter guarantees clean and efficient harvesting without blockages. The speed is controlled manually or automatically depending on the driving speed - optionally synchronously or leading

Standard ROPA quick-change system

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ROPA has designed a practical new quick-change system for switching between row pickup and swath pickup. The Keiler 1 can be switched from potato harvesting to onion harvesting in just a few minutes. The reverse is the same. One person can perform the complete coupling process easily and without requiring special tools. System and procedure are identical with the Keiler 1 and Keiler 2.

Top efficiency with short setup times

A practical solution for potato farmers who may need to change their pickup system several times a day to harvest onions, carrots or red beets

■    Faster and easier change of pickup
■    The driver can do the change alone without requiring assistance from other persons
■    Specialized tools not required
■    Conversion can be done in the field
■    Attachment of the pickup offers the best accessibility for fast and easy change of sieve conveyors – switch to different pitch
■    Cover belt and sieve conveyor can run synchronously

Convenient quick-change system

Carrot pickup

Swath pickup