Fully hydraulic drive

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The fully hydraulic drive allows the speed of all cleaning units to be controlled automatically. All cleaning units can be supplied at maximum power at a PTO speed of 450 rpm. In order to adapt to different harvesting conditions the cleaning elements can be controlled independently from the engine speed over the complete speed range. If full power is not required, the PTO speed and engine speed can be further reduced.

Unique drive concept

■    Many settings can be made directly at the picking table, optionally also at the terminal

■    Fast and convenient adjustment of the machine for variable harvesting conditions

■    Fully hydraulic drive of the complete harvester, thus extremely low vibration and reduced noise

■    No chains, belts and tensioners – no adjustment, fewer wear parts, increased operational reliability

■    Only one articulated shaft, which means fewer lubrication points

■    Significantly reduced noise level, more comfortable working with the machine

■    All cleaning units maintain their optimal speed independently of the PTO speed

■    The speed of the leaf chain can be reduced to 20% of the sieve conveyor speed

■    The speed of the sieve conveyors can be adjusted independently of the speed of the leaf chain

■    Soft start of all belts and cleaning units

■    A continuous pressure monitor prevents overrunning the lifter

■    Mechanical slip clutch not necessary – significantly improved power transmission