Large volume bunker

Convenient truck loading - even on high trailers

■  6 t capacity
■ Separate controls for bunker unloading standard
■ Pad-roll floor for gentle handling of potatoes (optional with metal strips)
■ Perfectly positioned bunker filling conveyor for gentle and optimal filling of the 6 t capacity bunker
■ Hydraulically operated front bunker articulation part (optional)
■ Tray filler with rubber baffles (optional)
■ Automatic filler with automatic level control (optional)
■ Bunker fill level can be adjusted for different crops at the tractor terminal

Double bunker

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ROPA Keiler 1 with double bunker - potato harvest in Switzerland

■    Double good - separate bunker filling and unloading
■    Bunker division 3 to 1
■    Bunker capacity: main bunker approx. 4.5 t, auxiliary bunker approx. 1.5 t
■    Auxiliary bunker can be unloaded from the tractor cabin or the sorting platform
■    Hydraulically folding tray filler with divided discharge


Many thanks to Stefan Brack and the entire team of the Brack Landtechnik AG from Unterstammheim, Switzerland for sending us these pictures.

Divided chutes and five steplessly adjustable sorting rollers make it easy to sort undersized items into the separate bunker.

Perfectly integrated feeding conveyor for optimal filling of the separate bunker.

Divided bunker with pad-roll floor for gentle filling. The automatic bunker filling is easier for the driver and ensures the best possible use of the bunker capacity.