Generously measured cleaning - easily adjustable

■    Large sieve conveyors with variably adjustable shaker (standard)
■    Two transfer stages for removal of large amounts of foreign matter
■    Integrated sieve conveyor tensioner with optional cleaning roller
■    Speed ratio of leaf chain to sieve conveyor 2 can be adjusted
■    Excellent haulm ejection with 6 rows of haulm retainer springs (7 rows optional), steplessly adjustable

■    Pre-separation with hydraulically driven and steplessly speed-adjustable twin deflector rollers
■    Rotating finger comb (UFK) over 900 mm wide pintle 2 with H-knob profile
■    UFK speed and height steplessly adjustable on both sides (optional electric height adjustment)
■    Gentle and efficient cleaning even at high throughput
■    All cleaning devices maintain their set speed independently of PTO speed

Conveyors & rollers - longer cleaning path

All belts and rollers are hydraulically driven and therefore speeds can be steplessly adjusted

Gentle and efficient separation and cleaning

The ROPA Keiler has large cleaning components with maximum cleaning area for gentle and efficient cleaning. The ROPA Keiler is particularly efficient for harvesting on heavy soils and/or during bad weather.

Root protection

Adjustments that can be individually and easily changed ensure high throughput with increased cleaning performance. The ratio of the speed of the leaf chain can be adjusted steplessly and conveniently from the driver's seat. The mechanical (optionally electrical), height-adjustable rotating finger comb (UFK) and numerous additional adjustment options form the basis for efficient and gentle cleaning of potatoes.

Sorting platform

Ergonomic working on the sorting platform

■    Height-adjustable platforms offer greater safety and comfort for sorters, even over long working days
■    Maximum freedom of movement
■    Generously sized chutes
■    Rounded edges and covers for user safety

Sunshade (optional, can be extended with side panels)

Freedom of movement at the sorting platform

Plenty of space for sorters

Height-adjustable platforms (optional)

Generously sized chutes

Trash management (optional)

Grader rollers, steplessly adjustable from 25 to 40 mm

Sorting container (internal)

Can be combined with collection box

Trash return can be combined as required:

to ground, to trash return conveyor, to collection box discharge conveyor

Trash return conveyor

On sieve conveyor 2