ROPA Keiler 1

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The ROPA Keiler 1 is a one-row trailed potato harvester with a 6 t bunker. The Keiler 1 has been specifically designed for customers with increased demands for the highest quality (ware potato) and, at the same time, thorough and extremely gentle cleaning and excellent haulm separation. The load-sensing hydraulics enable fully hydraulic adjustment of the speed of all cleaning components, particularly sieving conveyors and leaf chain.

Fully hydraulic drive

The fully hydraulic drive allows the speed of all cleaning units to be controlled automatically. All cleaning units can be supplied at maximum power at a PTO speed of 450 rpm.


Large volume bunker with 6 t capacity,

Top reliability for service and maintenance

Comfortable and intuitive operation

Large and simple terminal – intuitive operation

Greater ease of use means greater harvesting quality and performance

Keiler "Basic" control unit

Keiler "Plus" control unit (optional)

Keiler "Premium" control unit (optional)

Wizard systems and additional optional ISOBUS functions

The fully hydraulic drive allows user-defined machine settings to saved and recalled at any time. Adjustments to specific crop conditions or switching programs between ware and starch potatoes is convenient at the press of a button.

Optional equipment

Agitator (optional)

for better separation of haulm and potato

Trash return (optional)

all trash separation options can be selected variably

Trash return conveyor (optional)

on sieve conveyor 2

Sorting container (optional)

can be combined with collection box