Creating piles

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Concept of pile storage of starch and processing potatoes

After lifting, the potatoes are loaded directly from the bunker into a 7.5-metre-wide pile at the edge of the field. The ground should be level and have no deep ruts. When laying out a pile, the harvester must be moved at an angle to the pile in order to use its full width. In the case of non-stop harvesting with overloading bunker, the pile is created by unloading the trailers at the back of the pile.

Soil adhering to the tubers dries off during storage and thus can be cleaned off when loaded by the potato loader. The cleaning effect of the potato loader can be further improved by previously covering the pile with non-woven fabric, a particular advantage for potato piles with a high soil content.

The cleaning rollers in the pickup system and the 10-part pinch roller cleaner separate the most of stems, haulm and soil.