Video instructions ROPA Keiler 2

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Technology, terminal & details

In this video, Bastian Kieninger (Head of Customer Service Department, ROPA potato technology) gives you a brief overview of the layout and many different settings of the ROPA Keiler 2.
In particular, potato farmers who place increased value on quality and gentle treatment of tubers appreciate the many possibilities for individual adjustment of the lifting and cleaning units.

Operating possibilities

The Keiler 2 can be controlled from the tractor cabin via an ISO BUS touch terminal (8" as in the picture or optionally 12").

Similarly, all functions of the Keiler 2 can be set and optimized with the compact ISO BUS operating element and intuitive buttons from the sorting platform.

Height and inclination of the separating units can be easily adjusted at the press of a button/with a fingertip steplessly hydraulically or with electronically controlled linear motors. For individual speed adjustment and because of wear, maintenance and noise, ROPA does not use cardan shafts or chains at all to power the lifting and cleaning units.

Unique drive concept

Due to the fully hydraulic drive, the conveyors and rollers can be set and optimized independently or in percentage relation to one another.
Thanks to the fully hydraulic drive, the conveyors and rollers maintain their specified speed regardless of the tractor's PTO shaft or change it in relation to the driving speed as preset. A particular advantage to save fuel and reduce the noise level, especially for the personnel on the very generously-dimensioned sorting platform.

Functions for greater comfort

The overall package is enhanced by numerous comfort functions such as lane lifting with retracted telescopic axle, quick-change system for ridge and swath pickup, hydraulically foldable tray filler, extendable platforms for harvesting personnel and many other detailed solutions.

Lifting of lanes

The drawbar and pickup are swung to the tractor center with a button push, so that the ridge inside the right rear wheel can be picked up. The Keiler wheels follow the wheel marks of the tractor without crossing the adjacent potato ridges.

Quick-change system

ROPA has designed a practical new quick-change system for switching between row pickup and swath pickup. The Keiler 2 can be switched from potato harvesting to onion harvesting in just a few minutes. The reverse is the same. One person can perform the complete coupling process easily and without requiring special tools.

Tray filler

The hydraulically folding front bunker articulation part and the tray filler with rubber baffles are available in different outflow sizes.