■     11.80 m


■     3.00 m

Width Classic

■     3.30 m


■     3.99 m


Ball-joint coupling

■     80 mm diameter (country-specific available)

Drawbar length

■     2.56 m



■     Two high-volume 850/50 R30.5 radial tyres

Standard Classic

■     650/65 R30.5, optional 850/50 R30.5

Telescopic axle

Transport and primary lifting

■     3.00 m outer track


■     3.50 m outer track


■     Improved stability of the potato harvester is reached due to a telescopic axle



■     100% hydraulic

■     All sieve conveyors and cleaning units can be adjusted steplessly and independently of the PTO rotational speed


■     The harvester’s rotational speeds remain constant as long as the tractor PTO shaft operates at min. 650 rpm

Pickup system

Pickup unit

■     With ROPA quick-change system

Row width

■     Can be selected from 750 mm up to 900 mm

Disc coulter

■     The distance between the two or four disc coulters (depending on options) can be steplessly adjusted

■     The outer disc coulter in the right direction of travel can be optionally hydraulically driven, an additional disc coulter is optionally available

Ridge pickup

■     The ridge pickup uses two ridge rollers, which are available in different designs

Haulm intake rollers

■     Two haulm intake rollers ensure smooth leaf transportation

Ridge guide


■     Ridge centering

■     Hydraulic depth setting

Ridge pressure

■     Automatic ridge pressure relief or a hydraulic ridge pressure control is also available

Sieving channel

Sieve conveyor 1

■     1,600 mm wide

Sieve conveyor 2

■     1,488 mm wide


■     The sieve channel 1 is coated with V2A stainless steel sheets as standard

■     The hydraulically driven shaker, steplessly adjustable in speed, as standard equipment

Leaf separation

Leaf chain

■     1,600 mm wide


■     Leaf chain and rubberized leaf-separators, situated one after another in 7 rows and electrically adjustable

Trash separation

Separating unit pintle belt 1 Classic

■     1,450 mm wide studded rubber belt and triple deflector roller

Separating unit pintle belt 2

■     1,160 mm wide studded rubber belt and twin deflector roller

Separating unit pintle belt 2 Classic

■     1,300 mm triple deflector roller

■     Optional: Rotating finger comb (UFK) with 4 rows of fingers

Separating unit pintle belt 3

■     700 mm wide studded rubber belt and twin deflector roller

Separating unit pintle belt 4

■     1,300 mm wide studded rubber belt and finger comb (UFK) with four rows of fingers

■     Speed, height and angle are steplessly adjustable from the tractor seat

Trash track


■     350 mm incl. switching flap for trash return


■     Optional with trash track

■     300 mm wide

Picking table


■     1,100 mm


■     1,900 mm

■     The picking table is designed for 5 persons

Width Classic

■     1,000 mm

Length Classic

■     5,050 mm

■     The picking table is designed for up to 8 persons


■     Large-dimensioned chutes guarantee a blockage-free removal of trash

■     Two height-adjustable platforms can be individually adjusted to body size

■     Foldaway ladders offer an ergonomic and save ascent and descent

Operation at harvester

Sorting platform

■     All functions of the potato harvester can be adjusted via the control unit including a warning device

Picking conveyor speed

■     Can be steplessly adjusted by a separate rotary switch


Pad-roll floor bunker

■     approx. 7.5 t

Classic XL Bunker

■     approx. 8 t


■     2,235 mm

Overloading height

■     max. 4,200 mm


■     Two-stage

■     Steplessly adjustable

Automatic filling

■     Optimal bunker filling


■     The bunker can be equipped with an articulation unit, which reduces the fall height into the trailer and ensures perfect trailer filling

■     Hydraulically foldable tray filler in different outflow sizes is available



■     The control unit uses an ISOBUS touch terminal

Optional equipment


■     Drive wheel for improved traction automatically actuated in the applicable travel direction

Pickup / sieving channel

■     Ridge pickup with disc coulter and ridge roller (90 cm)

■     Ridge roller: half model, deep model, plastic model

■     Two-blade share, wide for ridge distance 90 cm

■     Three-blade share

■     Centre share if the middle disc coulter is not used

■     Hydraulics ready for hydraulic disc coulter/swath pickup with lifter shaft and cover belt

■     Hydraulically driven disc coulter left, middle and right

■     Disc coulter right also mechanical

■     Swath pickup with lifter shaft, hydraulic cover belt and depth-guide wheels

■     Share pickup for special crops (e.g. red beet) with depth-guide wheels

■     Sieve conveyor 1 cleaning roller

■     Rubber paddle roller on drive shaft

■     Clod breaker for sieve conveyor 1 and 2


■     Tilt adjustment for pintle belt 4, hydraulic

■     Pintle belt pitch 40 mm, 36 mm

■     Pintle belt with H-profile on round rod instead of V-profile

■     Deflector roller package; bottom roller with spiral design (e.g. for carrots)

Picking table

■     Collection box with discharge conveyor, hydraulically driven

Potato crusher

■     Hydraulically driven rubber wheels with shredder blade


■     Bunker articulation can be hydraulically lowered

■     Tray filler funnel width 900 mm, hydraulically folding

■     Tray filler funnel width 1,900 mm, hydraulically folding

■     Overloading bunker 5.5 t (Classic 6 t)

■     Double bunker at Classic (proportioning 3:1)

■     Bunker walls V2A stainless steel (standard bunker)


■     Automatic sieve conveyor controlled by driving speed including automatic pintle belt control

■     TASK controller for crop management with ROPA terminal

■     ISOBUS retrofit kit for tractor without preparation

■     ISOBUS control element with freely assignable AUX function in addition to the right control element

■     ROPA video switch between camera system 1 and 2

■     12-inch ROPA touch terminal


■     LED working lights on sieving channel, pintle belt 1 to 2, picking conveyor and bunker discharge

■     1 rotating beacon

■     Canopy lights

Camera and video system

■     Video system consisting of 1 x 7" TFT monitor with wiring kit for 4 additional camera connections

■     Additional video system consisting of 1 x 7" TFT monitor with wiring kit for 4 optional camera connections

■     Camera position sieving channel 1 to 2

■     Camera position pintle belt 1 to 2

■     Camera position wheel in direction of travel right

■     Camera position picking conveyor

■     Camera position dirt discharge conveyor

■     Camera position bunker head

■     Rear view camera

Protection from sun and weather

■     Canopy I - sunshade for picking table without side panels, with mounting frame

■     Canopy II - weather protection for picking table with side panels, with mounting frame