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All ROPA potato harvesters impress with a variety of practical unique selling points. Particular highlights are the fully hydraulic drive with its own load-sensing hydraulics, telescopic axle, as well as the quiet operation and increased crop protection.

Here are some impressions of the first use experience of ROPA Keiler potato harvesters from various customers in Germany and around the world.

Keiler 2 - KWS Klostergut Wiebrechtshausen GmbH in Northeim, Lower Saxony

Experience report - ROPA Keiler 2 at KWS Klostergut Wiebrechtshausen

Steffen Köhler talks about his experiences with the potato harvester ROPA Keiler 2 during the third harvest at the Klostergut of KWS in Wilbrechtshausen.

As a student of agricultural science, he worked as a trainee at the Klostergut and started working there full-time as a farmer after completing his studies. 

In 2018, the ROPA Keiler 2 was purchased and put into operation. With its individually adjustable cleaning units thanks to the completely hydraulic drive, the Keiler 2 is especially gentle on the potatoes, which is particularly valued by this experimental farm.

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Keiler 2 - Olligs family, Bedburg-Kirchherten, North Rhine-Westphalia

An eye-catcher - Keiler 2 and John Deere 6175R with special design and tyres

The Olligs family runs an arable farm with 250 ha in the Rhineland (Bedburg-Kirchherten). It is a family-run farm with a long tradition that is already in the hands of the third generation.

Potatoes have always been cultivated in Kirchherten thanks to the very fertile soil of the Jülicher Börde.
As a result of soil points between 80 and 95, a loess soil depth between 5 and 10 metres and rainfall between 750 - 900 mm, it is possible to grow not only high-quality potatoes, but also other crops thrive on the high-yield soil of the Jülicher Börde.

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Two Keiler 2 - Großmann‘s Feldfrüchte in Vierkirchen-Pasenbach, Bavaria

One of the largest organic farms in Bavaria, Grossmann‘s Feldfrüchte, chooses ROPA

The potato harvest is in full swing at the two-generation farm of Peter Grossmann-Neuhäusler. This is already routine for the well-rehearsed team – but new this season are two ROPA Keilers, which harvest the organic potatoes. The operation is completely mechanized for the planting, care, and harvest of the fields and, thanks to new investments, offers storage capacities for approx. 8,000 t of potatoes. In total, between 40 and 60 seasonal workers are employed at peak times for harvest, care, and storage work.

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Keiler 2L - SARL Franquet Prestations in Allibaudiers, France

Potato harvesting with two Keiler 2L - Franquet Prestations and RG Vallèe in France

Video from Agri-91 at our customer Franquet Prestations and RG Vallèe. Since 2020, the two customers harvest using ROPA trailed potato harvesters with overloading bunkers.

Keiler 2 - potato harvesting community Regensburg Ost GbR in Kiefenholz, Bavaria

Many thanks to Georg Kramer and Markus Peutl for the immediacy.

Two Keiler 2s - QL-Agrarservice GmbH & Co. KG from Hessisch-Oldendorf, Lower Saxony

Trecker babes - potato harvesting with Theresa: How does the new boss do it?

For the first time, Theresa is the boss and has to prove herself right away during the potato harvest. How is she doing in the leadership position and how is the potato harvest going?

Keiler 2 Silver Edition - customer Wolfgang Schmidbauer in Altenbuch, Bavaria

Keiler 2 - Agrarbetrieb Melkof in Vellahn, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

Keiler 2 Silver Edition - customer Heinecke in Endeholz, Lower Saxony

Keiler 2 - customer from Meer Euskirchen, North Rhine-Westphalia

Keiler 2 - customer Josef Bayerl Straßkirchen, Bavaria

Keiler 2 and Keiler 1 - potato field day in Neuburg/ Donau with Sumi Agro Ltd. Deutschland

Keiler 2 - Gräflich von Lerchenfeldsche Güterinspektion Koefering, Bavaria

Keiler 2 - potato technology Egautal GbR Wittislingen, Bavaria

Keiler 2 - Hellbach Agricultural Cooperative Neubukow, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

Keiler 2 Classic - customer Hartmut Lossin from Berge, Brandenburg

Keiler 2L - Landwirtschaft Kunze GbR Stassfurt, Saxony-Anhalt

Keiler 2 WD - customer Hermann-Josef und Henning Papen GbR from Surwold, Lower Saxony

Keiler 2 - Teepker KG Handrup, Lower Saxony

Keiler 2L WD - Becker BV from Nieuwe Pekela, Netherlands

Keiler 2L WD - customer B. Hofman Agriservice from Veendam, Netherlands

Keiler 2 - ES Agrar GmbH & Co. KG Wildeshausen, Lower Saxony

Harvesting potato for french fries

Efficient harvest of "Zorba" potatoes for French fries at ES Agrarbetrieben in Wildeshausen, Lower Saxony. These potatoes are processed directly and fresh on the same day into French fries for well-known and popular fast food chains across Germany.

Keiler 2 - customer Michael Bruns from Hemsloh, Lower Saxony

Keiler 2 WD - Heinrich & Henning Weghöft GbR from Wetschen, Lower Saxony

Keiler 2 WD - demonstration by our sales and service partner Claas-Weser-Ems, Lower Saxony

Keiler 2 - demonstration machine Fritz Bremer e.K. from Asendorf, Lower Saxony

Keiler 2L onion harvest - Striper Agra B.V. Nieuw-Schoonebeek, Netherlands

Keiler 2 WD - potato harvesting Kraakman Staadegaard B.V. in Haelen, Netherlands

Keiler 2L - Scae du Fayet from Saussay, France

Keiler 2 - SAS Soc Etablissements Claudel from Ennery, France

Keiler 2L - potato and onion harvesting at Richartz & Schiffer GmbH from Erfstadt, North Rhine Westphalia

Keiler 2 - customer Janssen KG Rhede/Ems, Lower Saxony

Keiler 2 WD swath pickup - onion harvest at Georg Honsel from Rhede, Lower Saxony

Keiler 2 WD - customer Ludger Hermes from Lehe, Lower Saxony

Keiler 2 WD - customer Maatschap Breukers from Ell, Netherlands

Keiler 2 - Agrarservice Schmitz GmbH & Co. KG from Weeze, North Rhine Westphalia

Keiler 2 WD - potato farmer Mathys-Lato from Cressier, Switzerland

Zwei Keiler 2 - Agricultural Cooperative Schoenberg e.G. from Schoenberg, Saxony

Keiler 2 - customer Jens-Peter Zeyn from Tespe, Lower Saxony

Keiler 2 - MA Rips / Rips from Kerken, North Rhine Westphalia

Keiler 2L - SARL Bricheux from Les Grandes Ventes, France

Keiler 2L WD - Landbouwbedrijf Buijs from Emmer-Compascuum, Netherlands

Three Keiler 2s - contractor Bernhard Finke from Heiden, Lower Saxony

Three Keiler 2Ls - NEGO BEAUCE SARL from Orgeres en Bauce, France

Keiler 2 WD - TJ Agro ApS from Skive, Denmark

Keiler 2 WD - potato farm Mathys-Lato from Cressier, Switzerland

Keiler 2 - customer Grazyna Wasniewska Handlowa-Uslugowa from Bisztynek, Poland

Keiler 2 -, Austria

Keiler 2 L - customer SCEA Du Fayet from Saussay, France

Keiler 2 - SARL Du Champs de Mars from Saitn Remy Sous Broyes, France

Keiler 2L - SCRL Libupom from Saint Germain, Belgium

Keiler 2L - SCEA Moonen Van Meer from Heberville, France

Keiler 2 L - EARL Guerin aus Fresnay L Eveque, France

Keiler 2, Hodowla Roslin Kalinowa Sp. z o.o from Blaszki, Poland

Keiler 2 - Agrar Service Herbert Geisen GmbH & Co. KG

ROPA France in Golancourt, France

Keiler 2 with swath pickup - at the customer Max Buchner from Aiterhofen, Bavaria

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