Potato crusher in ROPA Keiler 2

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Innovation potato crusher

The ROPA potato crusher is the new sustainable, herbicide-free and resource-saving process for preventing potato residues from sprouting in the successor crop. The potato crusher crushes and pulverises the tubers sorted out from the discharge chutes and trash conveyor. This promotes rotting and prevents germination of potatoes in the following year.

ROPA received a silver medal for innovation at Agritechnica in Hanover.

Crushed potatoes have a significantly smaller volume with a much greater surface area, which greatly promotes the decomposition process and prevents germination in the following year. The ROPA potato squeezer prevents growth of potato residues, thereby reducing requirements for chemical and mechanical controls.

Functioning of the potato crusher

The potato crusher consists of two pneumatic tyres rotating at different speeds

1   Hardox shredding knife on one crusher wheel

  • Small pieces are shredded from large potatoes, until they are caught by the crusher wheels, crushed and pressed through the gap
  • Large tubers are shredded to small pieces, caught and also crushed


2   Hydraulic drive for rubber wheels

  • The friction effect of the different rotational speeds of the wheels reinforces the shredding effect during crushing
  • The rotary speed can be adjusted by a volume regulator


3   Mechanical stone and foreign object guard pre-tensioned by spiral springs - for uninterrupted harvesting

Functioning and advantages of the ROPA potato crusher

1. Volume regulator for speed adjustment

2. Very quiet operation

  • Crusher wheels not in direct contact
  • The distance between the crusher rollers can be adjusted by a spindle


Rubber tyres as crusher rollers

  • Low wear and tear
  • Low force required
  • Quiet operation with low vibration, even with high proportion of stones in the soil
  • Air pressure in wheels can be adjusted

Hydraulic spreading up to 300 mm for free passage

  • Lifting without crusher function possible
  • Opens to extremely large foreign objects