Operation at harvester

Quick and easy adjustment - full functionality

Height and inclination of the separating equipment easily adjustable steplessly, hydraulically and electronically at the press of a button

Intuitive operation

Large and simple terminal

■ Clear and simple display with large function keys
■ Up to 6 different lifter settings can be easily saved
■ Simple and very fast adjustment to changing soil and crop conditions at the push of a button
■ Display and adjustment of functions also available at the picking table terminal
■ Intuitive operation of the entire harvester

Greater ease of use means greater harvesting quality and performance

Intuitive operating concept

■    ROPA Terminal is ergonomically and easily integrated into any tractor cabin
■    ISOBUS 8-inch colour terminal with glass touch screen
■    Self-explanatory icon display on the screen
■    Freely configurable user interface
■    Ergonomically designed control elements with mini joysticks – orderly and easily understandable layout
■    Individually configurable lifting programs that can be saved simplify manual or automatic adjustment for different harvesting conditions for the driver

ISO control joystick

Control element conforms to ISOBUS AUX–N standard

Control element conforms to ISOBUS AUX–N standard, can be assigned as desired

Fully ISOBUS-compatible

■    Operation with any ISOBUS terminal
■    ISOBUS installation of modern tractors fully supported
■    ISOBUS retrofit set for tractors without ISOBUS functions (optional)
■    ISOBUS-AUX control elements left and right can be programmed individually (optional)
■    Own terminal masks for the assignment visualisation
■    12-inch ROPA touch terminal (optional)

Control element left overloading bunker default assignment 1

Control element left overloading bunker default assignment 2

Control element right default assignment 1

Control element right default assignment 2

Assistance systems and ISOBUS functions

Harvesting programs can be saved

■    Six programming buttons for fast saving and calling various machine settings
■     Individually configurable and can be saved with names
■    Ideal for repeating harvesting conditions


Automatic sieve conveyor functions (optional)

■    The sieve conveyor is controlled by the drive speed, however, if the load on pintle belt 1 is too high, it is additionally controlled by the load
■    Minimum and maximum speeds of sieve conveyor are preset
■    Ratio between sieve conveyor speed and travel speed is adjustable


Automatic overload and turbo clean

■    If a blockage occurs the upstream cleaning units are automatically shut off
■    This prevents overrunning or damage due to overloading the harvester
■    Turbo Clean program can be activated in the menu


Steering and depth guide

■    Stepless depth adjustment of pickup
■    Automatic ridge pressure regulation
■    Automatic ridge centring


ROPA video switch (optional)

■    Automatic activation of the sieving channel, pintle belt, picking conveyor, bunker articulation and rear view camera