Generously measured cleaning elements

■ Large sieve conveyors with variably adjustable shaker (V2A in sieving channel as standard)
■    Two transfer stages for removal of large amounts of foreign matter
■    Integrated sieve conveyor tensioner with optional cleaning roller
■    Clod breaker for sieve conveyor 1 and 2 (optional)
■    Rotating finger comb (UFK) steplessly adjustable in height and speed on both sides

Ideally matched

■    Adjustment of the infeed width to the UFK by moving the deflector rollers allows variable cleaning settings
■    Speed ratio of leaf chain to sieve conveyor 2 can be adjusted
■    Excellent haulm ejection with 7 rows of haulm retainer springs, steplessly adjustable
■    Pre-separation with hydraulically driven twin deflector rollers or twin deflector rollers
■    Gentle and efficient cleaning even at high throughput
■    All cleaning devices maintain their set speed independently of PTO speed

Conveyors & rollers - longer cleaning path

  1.   Sieve conveyor 1

  2.   Picking conveyor

  3.   Trash conveyor

  4.   Rotating finger comb

  5.   Triple deflector roller

  6.   Leaf chain

  7.   Pintle belt 1

  8.   Pintle belt 2

  9.   Dirt discharge conveyor

10.   Double deflector roller

11.   Pintle belt 3

12.   Pintle belt 4

13.   Sieve conveyor 2

14.   Trash discharge conveyor

15.   Bunker pad-roll floor

All belts and rollers are hydraulically driven and therefore speeds can be steplessly adjusted

The ROPA Keiler has large cleaning components with maximum cleaning area for gentle and efficient cleaning. The ROPA Keiler is particularly efficient for harvesting on heavy soils and/or during bad weather.

Longer cleaning distance for gentle and efficient separation

Keiler 2 L 4 pintle belts without trash conveyor and without sorting platform on the right

Keiler 2 4 pintle belts with deflector rollers

Root protection

Adjustments that can be individually and easily changed ensure high throughput with increased cleaning performance. The speed ratio of the leaf chain to the sieve conveyor can be adjusted steplessly and conveniently from the driver's seat. The electrically height-adjustable rotating finger comb (UFK) and numerous additional adjustment options form the basis for efficient and gentle cleaning of potatoes.

Sorting platform

Ergonomic working on the sorting platform

Comfortable work area

■    Maximum freedom of movement

■    Rounded edges and covers for user safety

Discharge chutes

■    Generously sized chutes


■    Free positioning of platforms

■    Height-adjustable, therefore greater safety and comfort for sorters, even over long working days


■    Folding ladder damping for safe access


■    Clamping protection

Working platform - 300 mm extendable - immense working area allows freedom of movement

Keiler 2 Classic

The overall design demonstrates very high output in areas with low cleaning requirements

Individual optional equipment

Keiler 2 Classic with triple deflector rollers

Keiler 2 Classic with UFK, haulm conveyor and grader rollers

Keiler 2 Classic with overloading bunker

ROPA Keiler 2 Classic with 2 pintle belts

Many proven components of the Keiler 2 have been adopted in the design of Keiler 2 Classic. The Keiler 2 Classic differs mainly due to both pintle belts which function as separation devices.

The overall design demonstrates very high output with maximum product protection in areas with low cleaning requirements (sandy or light soils). The Keiler 2 Classic with the pintle belt 1 and pintle belt 2 cleaning systems is easy to monitor, it is accessible and easy to service.


All information can be found on the detailed product page of the ROPA Keiler 2 Classic


Large volume pad-roll floor bunker with 7.5 t capacity

■     The Keiler 2 has a continuously adjustable unloading conveyor speed as standard

■     The two-stage drive is steplessly adjustable

■     The automatic filling function ensures optimal bunker filling


The bunker can be supplied by an articulation unit, so the fall height of the trailer can be reduced for gentle trailer filling. The hydraulically folding front bunker articulation part and the tray filler with rubber baffles are available in different outflow sizes.

Potato Scale - weighing before loading

The new ROPA weighing system makes it possible to determine almost exactly the bunker contents before its unloading. This system allows the transport vehicles to be loaded traffic-safely and an initial yield assessment to be made.
The bunker contents are determined via 3 measuring pins at the front and rear of the bunker. The static weighing is always carried out when the bunker is raised. Measuring on slopes can also be carried out without any problems thanks to the interaction between the bunker scale software and the slope inclination sensor.


In order to ensure that the weighing system always works at 100%, every operator can quickly and easily perform zeroing (tare function).
The determined bunker content data are automatically stored and transferred to the season, order and daily counter.


Keiler 2 Silver Edition

With V2A stainless steel bunker walls


Keiler 2L - overloading bunker

Non-stop harvesting