Unique chassis design

Unique chassis design with telescoping axle and high-volume radial tyres

■    Standard high-volume radial tyres 850/50 R30.5, sufficient load capacity with less than 2 bar tyre pressure
■    Telescopic axle for increased stability
■    3-metre transport width on the road
■    3.5-metre outside width during harvesting
■    Lifting through lanes possible
■    Optional hydraulically driven axle
■    High steering angle, 21 degrees both sides
■    Manual/automatic tilt compensation

No exceptional approval required* - only 3 meters transport width for road drive

*except Keiler 2 Classic and Keiler 2 L

Standard hydraulic slope compensation - optimised cleaning and greater comfort for pickers

Drive axle

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Comfortable and powerful for extreme harvesting conditions

Movement and manoeuvring made easy! The ROPA Keiler 2 can be equipped with a drive wheel for increased traction and soil protection even under extremely difficult harvesting conditions. Even with this optional equipment with high-volume
850/50 R 30.5 tyres the road transport width is just 3.00 metres.
The integrated freewheel of the axle enables speeds of up to 40 km/h when driving on the road.
A maximum torque up to 14,500 Nm can be achieved at the wheel for a thrust of 2 tons. Coupling and uncoupling
is possible while moving. The maximum speed with a coupled drive wheel is
up to 14 km/h.
The new and practical automatic operation using tractors with ISOBUS is a convenient and elegant solution. The drive wheel is automatically actuated in the applicable direction of travel during start-up and controlled synchronously, then switched off again when stopped. A significant advantage, because it is not necessary to switch, stop or switch the drive wheel to reverse separately while moving or starting.
The maximum power consumption in boost operation is 65 kW.
Despite the large-volume 850/50 R30.5 tyres, the steering angle is identical to the original axle and amounts to +/- 21 degrees.