ROPA Haulm Toppers

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Mechanical haulm control with quality and power

The ROPA haulm topper is far more than just a tool to make potato harvesting easier. As an increasingly important supplement or even alternative to conventional crop protection products for haulm control and reduction, it enables targeted crop management in potato cultivation.

Mechanical haulm regulation can be used to control the ripening of the crop and thus also the skin firmness as well as other quality aspects.

ROPA haulm toppers KS 475 and KS 490 are the perfect assistants for powerful and efficient haulm control with the usual ROPA quality.

Well-proven ROPA quality

Just like the potato harvesters ROPA Keiler, the ROPA haulm topper is produced with the time-proven and highly valued ROPA quality. Our KS 475 and KS 490 haulm toppers are the result of decades of well-proven expert knowledge in the field of mechanical engineering with the valuable long-term experience gained in the field of sugar beet technology. These devices are designed to provide the highest quality, long life and excellent results, which our clients have always experienced with ROPA machines.

Flexible operation

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Front and rear mounting

The haulm topper is attached to the three-point suspension of the tractor. As standard the ROPA haulm topper KS 475 and KS 490 can be mounted both at the front and rear. The wide-angle cardan shaft is easily repositioned and can be used for both types of coupling.



The haulm topper can be easily adjusted in height via spindles on the support wheels and the three-point attachment depending on the required stem length.

Swing support wheels (optional)

For potato fields with a highly curved ridge edges, the swing support wheels can be of particular use. They follow the ridge edges and thus ensure an even run of the haulm topper.

Topper shaft, maintenance and operation

The newly designed shaft of the ROPA haulm topper is equipped with 92 flails (KS 475) or 104 flails (KS 490), which are perfectly positioned to match the ridge. Thanks to the strong suction effect the potato haulm lying on the ground or folded is grasped and chopped as well. The haulm residues are mechanically crushed thanks to the counter blades that come as standard equipment. Row distance can be changed between 75 and 80 cm (KS 475) or 85 and 90 cm (KS 490) by moving the flails and the guide plates. Generously dimensioned maintenance and cleaning flaps offer excellent accessibility for inspection and service.

User-friendly and flexible

The haulm topper is easy to pull, so it fits perfectly a 50 kW or 55 kW tractor. Depending on the use, the PTO speed (540, 750 or 1000) can be set individually. Further conversion or speed change can also be easily carried out by changing the pulleys of the drive.

•  92 or 104 flails
•  integrated counter blades
•  increased suction effect

Optional equipment:

Trailing press wheels

The trailing wheels enable reconsolidation of the potato ridges with chopped haulm. Thus, the original ridge structure is maintained and the tubers in the ridge remain optimally protected from external influences, such as sunlight, despite the potato haulm being chopped-off.

Benefits of the trailing wheels

  • sun and weather protection for potatoes
  • reconsolidation of potato ridges
  • preservation of the ridge structure
  • protection of the crop quality
  • wheels can be folded without tools

1. With trailing wheels,   2. Without trailing wheels

Ridge firming rollers

Reconsolidated ridge and sealed dry cracks

On the occasion of the Weuthen Potato Day, ROPA will also present its optional ridge firming rollers for the haulm toppers of the ROPA KS series. Thus, ROPA expands its equipment portfolio by adding a new option to the time-tested firming wheels.

Dry cracks

Before reconsolidation

After reconsolidation

Reconsolidated ridge

The main functions of the ridge rollers are to close cracks in the ridge top and to slightly reconsolidate the ridge, thereby preventing potatoes from greening once the leaves are removed. Furthermore, the ridge rollers rest on the flanks, which means that the contact pressure does not act selectively, but is distributed more evenly over the ridge contour. The flanks of the ridge are also supported by the ridge rollers. Thus the loose soil is prevented from trickling down and cracks are not formed on the ridge flank. 
In general, this new option helps to maintain the ridge structure and maintains the quality of the crop. 

Road safety

Road travel

For safe and comfortable transport outside the fields, the haulm toppers KS 475 and KS 490 can be optionally equipped with an end tow kit including road lighting.
For countries with permitted road transport in the three-point attachment, the haulm topper can be equipped with appropriate lighting and warning signs in accordance with applicable regulations.