The solution for efficient biomass logistics

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The ROPA NawaRo Maus significantly increases the efficiency of the logistics chain for biogas systems. The NawaRo Maus picks up chaff such as corn silage and wood chips from the clamp at the edge of the field and loads it into high-capacity trucks. The NawaRo-Maus can load 10 to 15 m³ per minute into trucks. The current pickup width is 8 m. A significant advantage of the design is the separation of the chaff chain in the field from the logistics on the road.

NawaRo-Maus logistics solution

In many cases the high capacity in harvesting silo maize is restricted by inadequate or unavailable transport resources for removal of the harvest. Particularly with large biogas systems with a high proportion of maize in the feed the transport of the chaff over long distances with agricultural equipment and soil-protection tyres is in many cases no longer economical. Equipment used for commercial biogas systems must also have a commercial permit according the traffic regulations. Trucks are generally the most economical means of transporting chaff over the road. However, they should not be loaded in the field and should certainly not be driven in the field beside the chaff cutter.

Economical loading of trucks

The process for significantly greater efficiency

With the implementation of the NawaRo-Maus concept ROPA has connected the missing link between effective and soil-protecting transport on the field and cost-efficient and high-performance transport logistics on the road using trucks. The chaff is removed with soil-protecting trailers or self-propelled machines (e.g. remodelled sugar beet harvester with Terra tyres) and laid in a pile at the edge of the field. The pile on the edge of the field also serves as a buffer so that in the absence of removal vehicles the chaff cutter does not have to stop!

Losses are negligible

Subsequently, the NawaRo-Maus picks up the silo maize or wood chips from the ground and loads the trucks with a truck conveyor (up to 13 m from the middle of the pile). In practice the loading capacity is up to 15 m³ per minute, while the variable ground adjustment of the NawaRo pickup system ensures that losses are negligible.

Multiple loads from one pile

If the NawaRo Maus and chaff cutter are on the field at the same time, the pile is generally always at the same place. If the load or pile has been loaded, the NawaRo Maus can move aside and the field transport vehicle can tip its load at the same position, resulting virtually no losses!

The NawaRo Maus is particularly recommended for wet harvesting conditions, because its use avoids leaving dirt on the roads.

The division of chaff cutter and carriage logistics has considerable advantages, not just in fields but also at silo facilities. The chaff cutter usually operates for 14 hours a day with 250 t/h of silo maize. By using the ROPA NawaRo Maus the daily quantity can be supplied to the silo facilities evenly distributed over 24 hours, with fewer removal vehicles. It results in steadier flow and better compaction.