Stone remover

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Remove stones with the ROPA Maus

ROPA now offers a stone remover for the ROPA Maus 5 as optional equipment. The stone remover on the ROPA Maus has been intensively tested on the rocky Swedish soil around our Edenhall service centre and has proven very effective. The high proportion of stones when loading beets can be clearly seen and heard in the video.

The stone remover sorts out almost all stones

The stone remover is optional equipment for the ROPA Maus 5 and has a range of adjustment options. Synchronised or pinch roller cleaning can be selected. The speed of the cleaning and stone removal rollers can also be individually adjusted.

Significantly lower load loss with the ROPA Maus

Significantly lower load loss with the ROPA Maus

Report of results of the loader cleaning test conducted by Nordic Beet Research comparing the ROPA euro-Maus 4 with stone remover and another cleaner loader. The result shows a significantly better result for the beet grower with the ROPA Maus.


Download the report below - see for yourself: