The most spectacular loader

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The Maus 5 is impressive with the redesigned R-Concept cabin. Based on the proven euro-Maus 4, the R-Concept, already familiar from Panther and Tiger 5, has been integrated and supplemented with numerous comfort functions. The overall design that combines capacity and efficiency with the 10.2 m wide pickup system and offers practice-oriented developments with the latest technical innovations. The counterweight arm, over 9 metres long, guarantees absolute stability even with the truck loader at maximum width.

Compact on the road

Preparation without leaving the cabin

For road drive the complete Maus folds in automatically to a road width of 3 m and a total length of only 14.97 m with just one operating element in the cabin - unique between all the loaders!The large wheel base of 5.5 m combined with two hydraulically sprung additional axles guarantees safe handling of the approx. 31 t loader combined with top driving comfort even at speeds up to 40 km/h.

The superior class ascent

The driver enters comfortably and safely the liftable to 5.1 m cabin. It offers the best all-round visibility, view of the truck and pickup. The coming-home function ensures safe entry and exit at night.

Spacious cabin

New cabin and operating concept

An improved cabin R-Cab provides the machine operator with a first-class workplace and an unsurpassed overall view. Wipers on all side windows and the door provide a clear view even in the rain. A pleasant and gorgeous interior of the new cabin in combination with excellent sound insulation guarantee most comfortable operation. Extremely powerful fully LED working lights turn night into day.

R-Concept highlight


ROPA combines under the name R-Concept its new intuitive operating philosophy. A large 12.1 inch glass touch screen with a Wi-Fi interface is the information and command centre of the machine. From here the operator monitors the entire machine, receives information about operating conditions and performance data, adjusts cleaning intensity and, thus, working results of the machine.


The operation is performed dually, either with finger touch on the touch screen or with turning and pressing the rotate buttons "R-Select" and "R-Direct", which are situated in the ergonomically perfect position at the newly designed control panel near the handle of the multifunctional joystick (with integrated mini joystick). The thin control panel at the operator’s place suggests numerous possible adjustments for the psychologically optimum and comfortable seating position and at the same time increased visibility and heating of comfortable air seat as series. Premium class workplace.

Pickup system

10.2 m wide with flexible cleaning adjustment

Designed for continuous operation

The robust pickup system, extended up to 10.2 m in width, has totally 18 cleaning rollers (produced with a hard welded finish as standard) and ensures efficient soil and weed removal. It is the widest pickup system between the other cleaning loaders on the market.

Dual cleaning path in the pickup - cleaning distance adjustable as required

Depending on the level of cleaning required the cleaning path in the pickup system can be adjusted in length and intensity from the operator cabin. Compared to 8 m wide systems 50% more sugar beet can be stored in the pile cross section - a great advantage for long fields or during severe freezing conditions.


Top truck loading performance - gentle recleaning

The ROPA infeed conveyor with gentle, durable and soft PU lugs transports the sugar beets quickly and gently under the cabin to the next cleaning element. The beet flow can be conveniently monitored from the rotating seat. When the infeed conveyor is stopped, the pickup and feed also stop automatically.
Three different types of recleaning can be selected on the path from the infeed conveyor to the truck loader.

sieving conveyor cleaner

90 cm wide cleaning conveyor for good cleaning results on light to medium soils.

Pinch rollers cleaner with beet brake (optional)

Efficient cleaning on even very heavy soils and with increased weed infestation.
Reduced wear and tear with trough-shaped rollers with a 3-seam hard coating.

Stone remover (optional)

The stone remover sorts out virtually all stones and the loader loads beets almost entirely without stones on the truck.
The speed of the cleaning and stone removal rollers can be individually adjusted.

Engine & hydraulics

Mercedes-Benz engine with exhaust gas category 4 Final

The extremely economical 260 kW (354 hp), 7.7 l Mercedes Benz OM936 engine with 2-stage turbocharging, 1,400 Nm max. torque at 1,200 rpm (exhaust gas category 4 Final with AdBlue and SCR-Cat) is integrated in a drive concept maximised for efficiency. It is automatically driven at reduced engine rpm during loading, while at the same time maintaining enough power for extreme conditions.

Efficient hydraulics enables rotational speed reduction

The hydraulic system with optimised gear/revolution transmission provides efficient power transfer. It combines high throughput with very low fuel consumption at very quiet 1,200 loading rpm. Powerful load-sensing hydraulics ensures the highest possible hydraulic fluid capacity and a prompt response of the entire operating hydraulics even at idling speed.


Optimal balance with counterweight arm

The counterweight arm, specially developed by the company’s founder Hermann Paintner, is made of special 700 fine grain steel and contributes to the impressive performance of the Maus during loading whilst maintaining utmost machine stability. The counterweight arm with the fuel tank is up to 9 m long and 4 m high and can be swung out as a counterweight to the truck loader, thus ensuring optimal balancing of the machine even if the loader width exceeds 15 m. The optional scale is integrated in the overloading conveyor articulation part and provides even better results. All the overloading conveyor side walls are made of high-strength PU plates and which can be turned in four directions.

Automatic folding

The ROPA Maus 5 unfolds automatically from road mode to operating mode at the press of a button. The two pickup parts fold out, the cabin is raised and the truck loader and counterweight arms are swung out. The entire folding process is performed by simultaneous activation of all functions just in a minute.

Weighing system

Fully automatic integrated weighing system (optional) - important advantages:

  • the discharge capacity of the transport vehicles can be used to the fullest extent because every truck will be loaded to its maximum capacity
  • this effectively prevents overloading and penalties due to violations of road traffic regulations
  • part loads from multiple different beet growers can be loaded on one truck
  • an exact weight for every part load can be recorded for a fair allocation of the costs for the delivered volume
  • continuous scale with 6 weighing cells with continuous automatic zeroing
  • the optional scale is fully integrated into the Maus 5 control terminal. This means that no additional instruments are required in the cabin –> vision is not restricted!

weighing is more efficient than estimating

Electronic weighing cells are mounted on each side of the frame of the truck conveyor for measuring the current loaded weight of the truck loader conveyor belt. A tilt sensor on the scale computer records the tilt angle of the truck conveyor. The speed of the belt is measured by the rpm sensor integrated in the oil motor. The weight of loaded volume is calculated from the weight, inclination and speed components.

Note: A conveyor scale is meant when talking about the ROPA Maus weighing device, which can not be calibrated by the system. ROPA cannot assume any liability for the accuracy of the weighing result, as this depends on many factors (e.g. environmental influences, soil content and composition, amount of beet leaf and weed residues, settings such as calibration or zero adjustment, conveyor tension, service, etc.).

The optional scale is fully integrated into the Maus 5 control terminal.

ROPA offers two different variants of continuous scales

The continuous scale with 2 weighing cells is a cheaper alternative with manual zeroing.

The continuous scale with 6 weighing cells has automatic zeroing. The beet flow is weighed by 4 weighing cells. Two additional weighing cells continuously record the weight of the truck conveyor belt with adhering earth on the return path. The new weighing software calibrates the zeroing continuously and fully automatically without requiring driver input.

Machine construction in perfection

The main frame consists of laser-welded and angled profile tubes of 700 fine grained steel and offers very high stability. All components are functional, transparent and maintenance-friendly. The various detailed solutions, e.g. the automatic folding/unfolding mechanism, video-system at the terminal with 2 cameras in series (4 cameras optionally), automatic stone protection, reversible and swung up cooling fan, fuel filter monitoring etc. all contribute to the highest possible performance at lowest maintenance needs. Electronic data recording, fuel consumption recording, air-conditioning, park heating, rear view camera and central lubricating system are part of very comprehensive standard equipment of the ROPA Maus 5. The sensor-controlled automatic water spray system simplifies the process under difficult loading conditions.