Learn to drive the Maus with Ole - video instructions for the ROPA euro-Maus 4

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In this video, Ole Thielmann of ROPA customer service will explain the operation and function of the ROPA euro-Maus 4
In particular, it is meant to support new drivers during campaign, as well as a supplement to the trainings, which could not be conducted on a regular level this year due to the still ongoing corona pandemic.

At the same time, in this video you will see the condition of a ROPA euro-Maus 4 after 8 years of service and 14,500 hours of engine operation. It is an example of the quality, long service life, and value retention of professional ROPA sugar beet harvesting technology. Meanwhile, this machine has been sold to new owners in Austria, where it will do more years of true service.

ROPA Used Machines

If you are interested in pre-owned sugar beet or potato harvesting machines, the ROPA sales team with its entire dealer network will be happy to help you anytime.
To ensure that pre-owned machines start the new campaign as well prepared as possible, a machine inspection is usually carried out for every pre-owned machine that leaves the ROPA plant It depends on the customer wishes, whether service work is carried out or packages of corresponding parts are put together for the customer to perform service work by himself.


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