Top class loading facilities

The ROPA euro-Maus 4 is a self-propelled cleaner loader for sugar beet with a new 10.20 m wide pick-up system. Depending on the level of cleaning required the length and intensity of the cleaning path in the pickup system can be adjusted from the lifting operator cabin.

Compact on the road

Preparation without leaving the cabin

For road drive the complete machine folds in automatically to a road width of 3.00 m and a total length of only 14.97 m with just one operating element in the cabin! The large wheel base of 5.50 m combined with two hydraulically sprung additional axles guarantees safe handling of the extremely robust loader.

Fast conversion

The chassis offers excellent driving comfort even at higher speeds. The loader operates with maximum fuel economy at reduced engine speed on the road and in the field.

Spacious cabin with perfect all-round vision

Best all-round vision – flexible comfort cabin

The comfort cabin can be raised up to 5.1 m, providing the operator with a workplace of superior class with excellent all-round vision. Specially by ROPA developed cabin with unobstructed view provides first class vision and excellent sound-proofing, creating the most comfortable workplace. The evenly curved front windscreen with a very low horizon grants an excellent, undistorted view. The view over the truck conveyor and the entire width of pickup without having to get up from the ergonomically arranged seating position means fatigue-free operation even on long working days. The basis for top performance during beet loading. Full-tinted glazing, adjustable steering column, air sprung-mounted comfort seat with seat heating and rotating seat brake, MP3 radio with audio system, video-controlled depth operation as well as pneumatically folding and heated wing mirrors offer a workplace that meets virtually all operator needs. To make the last wishes come true, the loader has optional park heating, which also heats the hydraulic oil tank, and as standard equipment automatic climate control with stepless fan rotational speed regulation.

Multifunction terminal


A newly designed and clearly laid-out operating console with logically grouped operating units, a rotary switch as well as two new ergonomically arranged multifunctional joysticks in the armrests provide a highly user-friendly machine when loading.


Without leaving the cabin and with only one control the operator can transform the euro-Maus 4 from road drive to operating position in as little as one minute.

Pickup system

10.2 m wide with flexible cleaning adjustment

Pickup system for maximum output

This extremely robust ROPA pickup system is the widest on the market. Totally, 18 cleaning rollers (produced with a hard welded finish as standard) ensure gentle and efficient soil and weed removal alongside with even more space under the pickup.

Significantly reduced wear and tear

Depending on the level of cleaning required the cleaning path in the pickup system can be adjusted in length and intensity from the operator cabin. Compared to previous systems 50% more sugar beet can be stored in the pile cross section - a great advantage for long fields or during severe frost.


Top truck loading performance - gentle recleaning

The conveyor rollers are threaded on the outer sides in the inside direction, and have conveyor wedges for gentle transfer of beet to the pinch rollers. Dropping wedges are situated at point of transfer from pinch rollers to the infeed conveyor to protect the beet and reduce the wear and tear at the roller ends. The residual beet pickup with telescopic arm (180 mm x 180 mm x 5 mm) is proportionally controlled and equipped with a plate with reinforced rubber lip and angled corners.

sieving conveyor cleaner

90 cm wide cleaning conveyor for good cleaning results on light to medium soils.

Pinch rollers cleaner with beet brake (optional)

Efficient cleaning on even very heavy soils and with increased weed infestation.

Reduced wear and tear with trough-shaped rollers with a 3-seam hard coating.

Stone remover (optional)

The stone remover sorts out virtually all stones and the loader loads beets almost entirely without stones on the truck.

The speed of the cleaning and stone removal rollers can be individually adjusted.


Mercedes-Benz with exhaust gas category 3b / TIER 4i

The traction design is maximised for efficiency with the extremely economical 240 kW (326 hp), Mercedes Benz engine (OM 926. 7.2 litres) with AdBlue and SCR cat, which is automatically driven at reduced engine rpm during loading, while at the same time maintaining enough power for extreme conditions. Compared to the previous model the throughput has been significantly increased again with reduced fuel consumption. The cleaning area has been expanded for an optimal cleaning result in accordance with the increased throughput.

Efficient hydraulics enables rotational speed reduction

Pump distributor gear unit with a load-switching multiple disc clutch ensures reliable cold-start and minimized fuel consumption for all drives. The hydraulic system with optimised ratios in the pump distribution gears provides high throughput at a very quiet 1,200 loading rpm with very low fuel consumption. Powerful load-sensing hydraulics ensures the highest possible hydraulic fluid capacity and a prompt response of the entire operating hydraulics even at idling speed. The cooling system with hydrostatically controlled and automatically reversing fans is protected from dirt.


Optimal balance with counterweight arm

The counterweight arm, specially developed by the company’s founder Hermann Paintner, is made of special 700 fine grain steel and contributes to the impressive performance of the euro-Maus 4 during loading whilst maintaining utmost stability. The counterweight arm is up to 9 m long and 4 m high and can be swung out together with the fuel tank, which serves as a counterweight to the truck conveyor, thus ensuring optimal balancing of the machine even at full 15 m truck loading width.

The weight of the loader is taken up by the counterweight arm at the machine centre, leaving the frame unstressed. An absolutely safe and horizontal position and optimal traction on all 4 wheels are essential features of the ROPA counterweight concept.

Automatic folding

The ROPA euro-Maus 4 unfolds automatically from road mode to operating mode at the press of a button. The two pickup parts fold out, the cabin is raised and the truck loader and counterweight arms are swung out. The entire folding process is performed by simultaneous activation of all functions just in a minute.

Weighing system

A fully integrated weighing system (optional)

Weighing cells, speed sensor, angle sensor and weighing computer are all integrated into the truck loader articulated section.

Machine construction in perfection