13.35 m


3.00 m


4.00 m

Unladen weight

from 23,500 kg depending on equipment

Diesel engine


Mercedes Benz OM 926 LA 6-cylinder inline engine

Exhaust gas standard



7,201 cm³

220 kW (299 hp) at 2200 rpm, max. torque 1200 Nm at 1300-1600 rpm

Fuel tank

1,340 l


fully electronic engine control unit with fuel consumption evaluation in terminal

automatically reversing hydrostatic fan drive controlled depending on ambient temperature

flat-belt drive with automatic belt tensioner

Traction drive

Driving speed

0 - 20 km/h

optional 25 km/h


stepless hydrostatic drive with 4-gear transmission

2 separately actuated differential locks

cruise control

automotive driving on the road

feed control by electronic actuation in crawler gear



front axle steering

rear axle steering

all-wheel steering

U-turn steer

automatic centring with display on terminal

steering angle

front 30°

rear 32°

Turning radius

8.30 m inner diameter


Driver's position

automatic climate control

rotatable and air-spring-mounted comfort seat with seat rotation brake

MP3-CD radio with audio system

60 litre storage compartment in rear wall of cabin


operating console at rotatable seat with integrated colour terminal

function keys and rotary selection switch

2 proportionally controlled multifunction joysticks

engine monitoring on terminal

Window wipers

Window wipers front, left, right and rear


sound-insulated cabin with all-round vision through tinted windows and low horizon

Pickup system

Pickup width

max. 8.70 m


patented ROPA roller pickup

18 rollers with speed control and automatic reversing

1. Pickup

2 finger rollers work the soil to a depth of 7 cm

2 cleaner rollers

2. Outward flow

4 conveyor rollers transport outward

2 conical rollers

divide the beet flow

3. Inward flow

8 counter-rotating pinch rollers guide inward

double cleaning path

Central mark

Eccentric drive in central mark

Residual beet pickup

telescoping and proportionally controlled residual beet pickup


Colour camera and LCD colour monitor for monitoring pickup depth



90 cm wide 40 mm or 50 mm pitch

Infeed conveyor

80 cm wide, 50 mm pitch with new moulded PU fingers and soil deflectors

double profile belts


Cleaning area

total 28.64 m²


up to 550 t per hour loading time

Optional equipment

Pinch roller cleaning with 8 counter-rotating rollers, 125 cm wide

Cleaning area 29.48 m²

Truck conveyor

Overloading height

up to 6.00 m

Overloading width

11.50 m standard truck conveyor

12.70 optional extended truck conveyor

Electrical system


24 V

2 alternators each 100 A

12 V outlet

2 x 24 V outlets

Road travel

Switch to operating position

The switch-over from road driving to working mode takes approx. 2 mins.


710-75 R34, Load Index 178 A8
3rd axle (required in Germany) 235/75 R 17.5



central lubricating system

Residual beet pickup

automatic climate control

tool kit

Additional equipment:

Pinch roller cleaning with 8 counter-rotating rollers

13 m truck conveyor, park heating

25 km/h version, 3rd axle (required in Germany)

truck conveyor camera

Data export to USB stick

Weighing device,

integrated GIS interface

RABS system integrated in terminal for transport logistics with transponder

transfer shafts in pickup