Functional and practical

The euro-Maus is a self-propelled machine for cleaning and loading sugar beet from the clamp at the edge of the field to a truck on the road. The euro-Maus 3 can efficiently clean and load up to 550 t of sugar beet per hour.

Top manoeuvrability - fast conversion

Road travel

On the road the euro-Maus operates in automotive mode, i.e. it always runs at the desired speed with the lowest possible engine rpm and the lowest possible fuel consumption. When the drive pedal is pressed the driving mode and engine speed are controlled simultaneously. An electro-pneumatic transmission makes driving easier for the driver and reliably prevents missed gear changes. The maximum speed of 20 km/h (optionally 25 km/h) is reached at an economical 1250 rpm (or 1550 rpm).

Fast conversion

The euro-Maus can be switched from transport position to working position in only 2 minutes without the driver having to exit the cabin. This ensures fast and convenient changes from one clamp to another. Reduced downtime ensures maximum capacity for beet loading.

Comfort cabin

The specially designed ROPA euro cabin combines modern design, outstanding vision and excellent sound-proofing to create a physiologically ideal high-quality and comfortable workplace. An evenly convex front windscreen offers excellent all-round vision. The driver sits in an ergonomically correct seating position with a perfect view of the complete width of the pickup.

Fully tinted glass, adjustable steering column, air spring-mounted comfort seat, MP3-CD radio with audio system, video-controlled depth operation as well as pneumatically folding and heated wing mirrors offer a workplace that meets virtually all operator needs. To make the last wishes come true, we can optionally offer park heating, which also heats hydraulic oil tank, and standard climate control with infinitely adjustable fan speed control.


Driver's position

The driver's seat with the integrated control console and the new colour terminal can be swivelled though about 250°. This ensures that the driver always has the truck conveyor and pickup in sight at the desired seat position. The control console and seat with air suspension can be adjusted separately to ensure the best possible seating position for the driver for health and performance. The rotating seat can be locked at the press of a button in any position, which allows the seat position to be maintained without physical train even when loading on a side slope.


The right joystick controls all important functions for loading, the depth guidance of the pickup and all drive units can be activated and reserved separately. The driver in effect controls the complete machine with one hand, leaving the other free for radio or telephone. The truck conveyor is always controlled with the joystick in exactly the same way regardless of whether it is loading from the left or right.

Pickup system

8.7 m wide with flexible cleaning adjustment

The 8.70 m wide and unique ROPA pickup system divides the pile evenly to the right and left. The nose cone, continuously driven by an eccentric connection, loosens the clamp and evenly distributes the beet flow. This system reduces the power required to push the machine into the beet clamp. Free space under the infeed conveyor and even distribution of dirt over the complete width of the pickup are significant advantages of this pickup design.


Finger roller work the soil to a depth of 7 centimetres under the beet clamp. This process gently lifts the sugar beets from below and transports them over the following cleaning roller to the two transport rollers. They ensure simultaneous cleaning for a consistent beet flow outwards. PU lugs clean the beets on the left and right sides of the pickup table and simultaneously transport them to the 4 counter-rotating pinch rollers. The pinch effect is an additional intensive cleaning process that removes soil, leaf and crop residues and also grass and weeds. Chopped straw used for covering the clamp is also removed by the pinch rollers and deposited under the pickup.

Gentle pickup, intensive cleaning, even distribution of dirt components and low maintenance requirements of the euro-Maus are the reason for top beet quality and minimum costs for beet harvesting, beet transport and the subsequent tilling of the soil under the clamp.


Top truck loading performance - gentle recleaning

The ROPA infeed conveyor with gentle, durable and soft PU lugs transports your sugar beets quickly and gently under the cabin to the next cleaning element. The beet flow can be conveniently monitored from the rotating seat. When the infeed conveyor is stopped, the pickup and feed also stop automatically.

You can select a sieving conveyors cleaner or a pinch roller cleaner for transport from the infeed conveyor to the truck conveyor. The 90 cm wide sieving conveyor achieves good cleaning results in medium to light soils by the stepless speed adjustment from the terminal.

sieving conveyor cleaner

90 cm wide cleaning conveyor for good cleaning results on light to medium soils.

Pinch rollers cleaner

Efficient cleaning on even very heavy soils and with increased weed infestation.

Reduced wear and tear with trough-shaped rollers with a 3-seam hard coating.


The 220 kW (299 hp) Mercedes Benz OM 926 LA inline engine is integrated in a sturdy frame design. The maximum torque of 1200 Nm is achieved in the range of 1300-1600 rpm. With a new drive design the speed of the economical turbo engine with charge air cooler is reduced by 12% during loading compared to its predecessor. An indicator showing fuel filter contamination provides an early warning of potential power reduction. The drive train in the sound-insulated engine compartment is simply designed and easily accessible for inspection or service. A flat belt drive with automatic tensioner provides maintenance-free power transmission to the two alternators, water pump and air-conditioning compressor. The cover of the battery compartment can be folded out and used as a platform.  


Efficient hydraulics enables rotational speed reduction

The euro-Maus 3 is fitted with a very powerful hydraulic system for power transmission. The entire hydraulic system is controlled by a new load-sensing hydraulic pump, offering maximum oil output at low engine speeds. A large combination return filter cleans the oil flowing back to the tank. The high pressure filter also protects the entire hydraulic system from contamination. A new pump distributor gear with a pressure circuit lubrication and a load-adjustable multiple disc clutch for activating all drives ensures easy starting of the diesel engine even at extremely low outer temperatures. An oil flow measuring turbine monitors the lubricating oil volume for the transmission. A coarse and a fine filter are installed in the oil circuit for optimum protection of the pump distribution gearbox.