14.97 m


3.00 m


4.00 m

Unladen weight

with full fuel tank from 30400 to 31600 kg depending on equipment

approved gross weight: 32000 kg, 4-axle

Diesel engine


Mercedes Benz OM 926 LA 6-cylinder inline engine

Exhaust gas category

exhaust gas category 4 final with AdBlue and SCR cat


7.7 litres 260 kW (354 hp)

max. torque

1400 Nm max. torque at 1200 rpm.


fuel capacity 1225 litres

AdBlue capacity 95 litres

ball valve for 8 litre reserve tank if main fuel tank is empty

electric pump for automatic venting of the fuel system


2-stage turbocharging

fully electronic engine control unit with fuel consumption evaluation in the colour terminal

automatically reversing hydrostatic fan drive controlled depending on ambient temperature

1 flat-belt drive with automatic belt tensioner

wear-free constant throttle brake prevents the diesel engine from overspeeding

automatic engine shut-off if operating states could potentially cause damage

engine diagnostic system integrated in colour terminal

Traction drive


stepless hydrostatic OMSI transmission (Bosch-Rexroth) from 4-gear OMSI transmission to 2 OMSI planetary steering axles

The drive pump alone can transmit the full power of the diesel engine

2 separately actuated differential locks with automatic function

automatic all-wheel switching

cruise control

speed-reduced driving in automotive driving mode

the load feed is controlled by very fine actuation of super crawling speed


front axle with drum brake 500x180 duplex

rear axle with drum brake 500x120 simplex

4 spring-loaded brake cylinders for service and parking brake

Driving speed

driving speed of 32 km/h

optional driving mode 40 km/h with 2 engines

Turning radius

9.90 m inner diameter


front axle steering

rear axle steering

all-wheel steering

automatic centring of rear axle


Height adjustment

to 5.1 m, sound-insulated cabin with all-round vision through tinted windows and low horizon

Driver's position

automatic climate control

rotatable and air-spring-mounted comfort seat with heating and seat rotation brake

clear overview of the beet flow at the R-Touch colour terminal

error memory

MP3 radio with audio system

console for telephone

60 litre storage compartment in rear wall of cabin


R-Concept operating console at rotatable seat

12.1" R-Touch colour terminal with R-Select and R-Direct operating system

error memory


2 multifunction joysticks with integrated proportional mini-joysticks


2 LED interior lights

Window wipers

five window wipers on windscreen, side windows and doors

all window wipers have intermittent operation and a washer system


video system at rotatable seat with split function and standard 2 cameras (optionally up to 4 cameras)

Hydraulic system


OMSI pump distributor gears, pressure circulating lubrication with gear oil cooler

gear ratios adjusted for reduced engine speed during loading from 1,150 rpm

Operating hydraulics

powershift multiple disc clutch to switch 6 hydraulic pumps of the operating drives -> thus, easier start of diesel engine even at very low outside temperatures


- 4 axial-piston pumps (Bosch-Rexroth) for continuous and separate rotating speed adjustment and reversing of rollers drives (pickup, out and in flow, additional cleaning)


- 2 axial-piston pumps (Bosch-Rexroth) for continuous drive of infeed and truck conveyors


- 1 Load-Sensing axial-piston pump (Bosch-Rexroth) to feed all hydraulic cylinders -> all the movements are performed at the same time by LVS directional valves with flow dividing principle


- 1 axial-piston pump (Bosch-Rexroth) for reversible fan drive (hydraulic oil, water, charge air coolers)


- Danfoss hydraulic motors

Bunker pickup system


12 m³

Cleaning elements

8 cleaning rollers with lugs



sieve conveyor

90 cm wide

40 mm pitch


Pinch roller cleaning with 8 counter-rotating rollers

Stone removal

Infeed conveyor

80 cm wide

50 mm pitch with specially moulded PU fingers and soil deflectors

double profile belts with speed monitor

quick motion switch (doubles the belt speed) for sieve conveyor self-cleaning in case of heavily sticky soil

15 mm wear-resistant side walls of PU plates

Truck conveyor

Overloading height

6.0 m

Overloading width

15.0 m


80 cm wide

40 mm pitch

speed monitoring and quick motion switch

15 mm wear-resistant side walls of PU plates can be turned and replaced


Counterweight arm


9.02 m


6 metres to articulation point

bottom plate in fuel tank of 15 mm steel

Electrical system


24 V

alternator with 150 A

3 pcs. 12V outlets

3 pcs. 24V outlets

diagnostic system for all sensors and actuators integrated in R-Touch colour terminal

software updates can be uploaded via standard USB port Durable, waterproof, anticorrosion structure of on-board electrical system

single-lead sealed plugs (AMP, German) used exclusively

central electrical system wired with WAGO spring-clamp terminals (vibration-proof)

3 identical ESR computers and 5 identical Hydac TTC modules (can be replaced!)


electronic main battery switch with automatic shut-off after ignition OFF for 5 days

warnings are displayed as icon with text in the applicable language

wiring harness mostly wrapped with protective covering

Road drive

Switch to operating position

with only one operating component you can switch automatically from road drive mode into operating mode in just one minute


Front and rear axles

standard: Michelin Mega X Bib 710/75 R34

optional: Michelin CerexBib 800/70 R32 (caution oversize 3.26 m)

Lift axles

2 pcs. with hydraulic suspension


Tyres 235/75 R17.5



rear view camera

central lubricating system

automatic climate control

seat heating

Bluetooth radio

USB port

Hella LED working lights and rear view lights

electrically adjustable mirror

tool kit

Additional equipment:

recleaning with 8 counter-rotating hard-coated pinch rollers

park heating

water spray system with single sections that can be switched from R-Touch

400 litre water tank

truck conveyor camera

recleaner camera

40 km/h traction drive

working floodlight, 1 LED each on left and right of cabin roof

storage compartment 1000 x 600 x 600 mm behind rear axle

Pfreundt weighing device with 2 weighing cells

Pfreundt SP 6 scale with 6 weighing cells