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Some impressions of new ROPA sugar beet harvesting and loading machines at some customers, as well as service and sales partners from Bavaria, Germany and the whole world.

Tiger 6S with rubber defoliator - Kremeike GbR from Brome, Lower Saxony

Sören Kremeike operates his own farm with biogas system in Brome (eastern Lower Saxony) and serves as an agricultural contractor, who has specialized in sugar beets – from sowing to harvesting. Since 2015, sugar beet has been harvested by a euro Tiger V8-4 with a rubber defoliator. For the 2020 harvest, the team selected a new Tiger 6S, also with rubber defoliator. The choice of rubber defoliator is based on the own biogas system and the demand for this process from various customers. Very good topping results can be achieved if the setting is correct. Service is provided by Palandt.

See the complete article - Kremeike OHG Brome, Lower Saxony

Tiger 6S - ZRRG Ottbergen from Schellerten, Lower Saxony

ROPA Tiger 6S with all-round defoliator

Integral leaf-layer or leaf ejector

The integral leaf layer shreds the beet leaves and deposits them between the rows. A press of the button in the cabin switches the machine between topping modes. When operating with leaf ejection the shredded beet leaves are spread over the harvested area by a leaf-spreader with a leaf auger feeding the leaves to it. An optional leaf pile conveyor can be installed for harvesting of beet leaves (for biogas or dairy). Special thanks to Ernst Maxem, the driver.

Tiger 6S - RG Northeim GmbH & Co. KG, Lower Saxony

Interview with Philipp Eickemeyer

In September, we accompanied the sugar beet harvest at the Rodegemeinschaft Northeim.

For the 2020 harvest, a ROPA Panther and a ROPA Tiger 6 were replaced with two new ROPA Tiger 6S.
Together with an euro-Tiger V8-3 (built in 2011), the Rodegemeinschaft Northeim harvested over 2,600 hectares in 2020.

Watch the video to experience a Tiger 6S in action at the Rodegemeinschaft Northeim in an idyllic setting near the Klosgergut Wiebrechtshausen.
Philipp Eickemeyer talks about his experiences as head of the Rodegemeinschaft Northeim. 

Tiger 6S - EGW Rodegemeinschaft GmbH & Co. KG from Goettingen, Lower Saxony

A few impressions of the sugar beet harvest with the new ROPA Tiger 6S and a Panther

The harvesting community with its headquarters in Rosdorf near Göttingen operates in Lower Saxony, Hesse and Thuringia.

In the natural region of South Lower Saxony, upland and bordering the Harz Mountains, the beet often grows on hilly fields with medium-heavy and heavy soils. The EGW uses its five ROPA machines, three Tigers and two ROPA Panthers, to harvest over 4,000 hectares.

Our warmest thanks to the long-time Tiger driver August Capelle and to the whole team of EGW Rodegesellschaft mbH & Co. KG.

3 Tiger 6Ss - RG Nordharz GbR in Lutter am Barenberge, Lower Saxony

First use of 3 ROPA Tiger 6Ss - RG Nordharz GbR, Lower Saxony

Three brand-new ROPA Tiger 6Ss are harvesting organic beet for the first time in Lutter am Barenberge, Lower Saxony. Our customer RG Nordharz GbR has 24 drivers who share the shifts on these three machines.

Tiger 6S - harvesting community in Aiterhofen and Straubing region, Bavaria

Flo explains live operation of the ROPA Tiger 6S while harvesting sugar beet for Südzucker factory in Plattling

In the middle of autumn, it is time to harvest the beet on the fields to be cultivated for wheat later. We started off when the conditions were the best. A video instruction of the Tiger 6S in Bavarian. Watch the passionate explanation of the 3-axle harvester and its operation. Recorded by our customer, the harvesting community in Aiterhofen and Straubing region. Many thanks to Richard Schwaiger for the video. Special thanks to Flo, the confident and absolutely cool driver of the Tiger 6S made in 2020.

Tiger 6S in Rote Beete - Rodegemeinschaft Mittlerer Neckar in Bietigheim-Bissingen, Baden-Wuerttemberg

Tiger 6S & Maus 5 - RG Holzminden-Hameln and the transport company Ahlswede, Lower Saxony

ROPA Tiger 6S - Customer MGA GmbH Landwirtschaftliche Dienstleistungen from Schrebitz, Saxony

Tiger 6S - Customer Cuma de Peroy in Péroy-les-Gombries, France

Tiger 6S - Demonstration in Bologna, Italy

Tiger 6S - LMZ-Franken eG from Untermuenkheim, Baden-Wuerttemberg

Tiger 6S - Bregentved Gods from Haslev, Denmark

Tiger 6S - Bondåkra Maskinstation AB from Laholm, Sweden

Tiger 6S - customer K. u. A. Nesseler GmbH in Rommerskirchen, North Rhine-Westphalia

ROPA Tiger 6S - customer ETA Michel Dubos from Le Neubourg, France

Tiger 6S - customer Landmaschinen- u. Kfz-Handel Starkenberg GmbH from Starkenberg, Thuringia

Tiger 6S - RG Gäuboden/ West GbR from Geiselhöring, Bavaria

Tiger 6S - RG Nordharz GbR from Liebenburg, Lower Saxony

Tiger 6S - DAR-KOP Dariusz Żeleźniak from Nałęczów, Poland

Three ROPA Tiger 6S - Extract from the documentary of the WELT news channel

Tiger 6S - Rodegemeinschaft Mittlerer Neckar from Bietigheim-Bissingen, Baden-Württemberg

Tiger 6S, Panther 2 and Tiger 6 - Kunde Sorel SARL from Rouvrel, France

Tiger 6S - MR Erft-Neffelbach e.V. from Nörvenich, North Rhine-Westphalia

Tiger 6S - customer SPEDYTOR Sp. z o.o. from Gostyń, Poland

ROPA France in Golancourt, France