The cabin with panoramic view

The cabin with improved, comfortable operation and two R-Touch displays

In comparison with the predecessors, the Tiger 6S has two 12.1-inch operating terminals with high pixel density resulting in even sharper resolution. Operation at the terminal with interactive buttons is even more intuitive and uses the same logic as tablets and smartphones.

In addition to the machine functions, two separate video streams can also be shown on the R-Touch display on the left A-pillar. The Tiger 6S has digital cameras as standard. The image quality of the digital cameras is significantly better, and an additional Ethernet network is integrated into the machine to handle the resulting greatly increased volumes of data.

High-tech machine with chassis for sustainable soil protection

Compared to the chassis on earlier 3-axle beet harvesters (with the central axle fixed to the frame), this reduces the sway of machine by one third! The reason for the improvement is the hydraulic connection of the cylinders at the front and rear axles on one side, so unevenness at one wheel at a different level only affects the frame by 33 per cent compared to the previous system. Thanks to the reduction of the chassis swing, the row and depth control are improved simultaneously, as the frame is averaged to the position of three axles. 

(Video: Extract from the documentary of the WELT news channel)

Driver's position

Ergonomic control element

The unloading conveyor and the bunker unloading can be controlled even more conveniently from the new ergonomic control element on the left armrest.

Ergonomic joystick

Three function buttons on the right multifunction joystick can be programmed, e.g. for wide-area window wiper.

R-View in the R-Touch display

the relevant camera image is automatically displayed on the left R-Touch display while reversing or when unloading the bunker. The rear part of the machine is displayed on the monitor in the bird's eye view. Obstacles are visible and collisions are avoided.


The driver is at the centre

Generously dimensioned shelves, storage compartments and plenty of space around the driver. A cooler and the integrated seat ventilation for hot days and seat heater for colder weather are standard equipment.

Automatic folding

The ROPA Tiger 6S switches automatically from road drive mode to field mode via a switch. Unloading conveyor, one metre wide ring elevator, bunker auger and other groups fold one by one, in some cases simultaneously. The sensor-controlled monitoring systems exclude operating errors and collisions. The entire folding process with simultaneous activation of all functions takes a very short time.

Main steering switch

The new "intelligent main steering switch" in red automatically synchronises the articulation and front-axle steering for travel on the road as well as straight-ahead positioning of the rear wheels.

18,600 lumens on the driver's cabin

Powerful LED lights turn night to day

The Tiger 6S is fully equipped with LED spotlights with the combination of working spotlights and headlights providing outstanding illumination.

Lights menu

Individual or all working lights can be switched on with a finger on the touch terminal.
And again a one fingertip is enough to back up and recall three different lighting programs.