Harvesting & Technology

Non-jamming PR lifting unit with hydraulic stone protection

The PR2h lifting unit is equipped with counter-rotating oscillating shares and completely maintenance-free hydraulic stone protection. The 90 cm depth wheels combined with the intelligent three-point suspension guarantee accurate depth control of the lifter. Maintenance costs are minimised with adjustable taper roller bearings in transmissions and the oscillating share drive.

Defoliator unit

PIS - ROPA integral defoliator

ROPA integral defoliator - standard model for normal harvesting conditions

Leaves from the beet crowns are mulched with robust defoliator knives and spread between the rows. Therefore, beet leaves with all their nutrients are evenly delivered to the soil -> an optimal condition for further soil cultivation as green waste transforms fast into humus.

PAS - integral leaf-layer

ROPA all-round defoliator with integrated leaf storage

The beet leaves are shredded and deposited between the rows. A press of the button in the cabin switches the machine between topping modes.

PAS - leaf ejection

ROPA all-round defoliator with leaf ejection

The beet leaves are shredded and spread over the harvested area by a leaf scroll or leaf plate. A press of the button in the cabin switches the machine between topping modes. An optional leaf collection conveyor can be installed for harvesting beet leaves (biogas or dairy).


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The comb of the Micro-Topper follows each beet head, adjusting the trimming gap to the size of the head, so that the beet is cut not too much and returns maximum yield. The intensity of the cut can be easily adjusted from the cabin. You may choose between topping and "shaving off" leaves only (micro-topping).

Maximum revenue with no additional effort


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The both fully hydraulic driven cleaning rotors can be adjusted in the rotation speed and height independently from the other – unique! Various settings can be stored and accessed on the joystick using a memory function. Each rotor shaft can be adjusted at the height independently from the other. As a result, the operator can react quickly and effectively to different requirements due to changing beet crops.

PES - ROPA rubber-defoliator


Gentle, efficient and individually adjustable

The hydraulically tensioned sieve conveyor efficiently transports the beets to the first strainer wheel. The portal axis enable maximum throughput without slowing the beet flow or damaging the beets. The driver can steplessly adjust the sieve conveyor speed and reverse it if necessary from the cabin. The automatic beet flow monitor reliably prevent the machine from overflowing. Three sieving systems clean the beets extremely efficiently and then transport them to the next stage.


28 m³ beet bunker

The ROPA Panther has a capacity greater than 28 m³. The auger conveyor evenly distributes the sugar beets in the bunker. Axle loads are kept even and low. The automatic bunker filling allows optimum traction under all harvest conditions by excellent weight distribution.

Yield indicator thanks to ultra-sound sensors and tank level measurement system

The fill level of the bunker is displayed at the colour terminal. It is a valuable decision-making aid for the driver, because a display < 50% when turning clearly shows that the bunker has sufficient capacity for the beets harvested on the return run.

Unloading conveyor

Extra-long unloading conveyor – faster bunker unloading

The unloading conveyor is between the two axles directly above the articulated joint at the optimum angle for viewing from the cabin. It is 3-way foldable and 140 cm wide for even simpler application with 10-metre-wide clamps or easy conveyor loading on trailers 4 m high. The 150 mm long PU fingers guarantee high feeding capacity with short unloading times less than 50 seconds.