Professional machine in the top class

Technical perfection with two axles

The ROPA Panther is a two-axle sugar beet harvester, developed with visionary concept. Numerous new developments in the ROPA Panther have resulted in a better yield and higher daily performance with efficient sugar beet harvesting combined with soil protection. Well-proven features and detailed solutions are combined in Panther together with the technical innovations from the company ROPA. Extremely huge tyres, automatic wheel load and slope compensation with roll stabilization, super long unloading conveyor and automatic folding for fast changeover from road to field mode are only few of numerous innovations. The intuitive operation concept R-Concept in the spacious R-Cab driver's cabin sets new standards for self-propelled harvesting machines.

Anti-Shake and Balance System

Roll stabilisation with fully automatic hydraulic wheel load and slope compensation

  • 2 swing axles with 4 stabilisation cylinders
  • 50% less rolling motion on the chassis and steering sensor - more precise row guidance, less damaged beet
  • Reduced material wear, extended service life
  • Hydraulic connection of the stabilisation cylinders from each side
  • Compensation of wheel loads between front and rear axles - better traction and soil protection
  • Greater slope stability, less risk of tipping over
  • Better lifting depth control, less soil pickup
  • Large-sized Michelin Ultraflex tyres with only 2 bar pressure
  • Better driving comfort even on oblique descents and headlands

Innovative cabin and operating concept

ROPA combines under the name R-Concept its new intuitive operating philosophy. A large 12.1 inch touch screen performs as the information and command centre of the machine. From here the operator monitors the entire machine, receives information about operating conditions and performance data. The system can be operated either by finger touch on the touch screen or by turning and pressing the "R-Select" and "R-Direct" rotary buttons, which are positioned in the ergonomically perfect position at the control panel near the handle of the multifunctional joystick.