The cabin

Maximum driving comfort

The euro cabin combines modern design, functional instrument layout and an ergonomic workplace. The large convex front windscreen offers excellent all-round vision without distortion. The low horizon gives the driver an optimal view of scalpers, lifting shares and lifting rollers. Basically, the driver monitors the complete beet flow in the lifting unit at all times from a comfortable posture. Powerful spotlights provide optimal illumination at night. The driver can select the best possible seat position with air-spring-mounted driver's seat and the adjustable steering column. The euro cabin is an extremely comfortable workplace with standard climate control, heating and ventilation. The outside mirrors are heated and can be folded in and out pneumatically.

Driver's position

Bunker operating section

The complete contents of the bunker of 40 m³ can be unloaded in less than one minute with automatic unloading system. Memory function for two unloading conveyor heights.

Ergonomic joystick

Multifunction joystick with integrated mini-joystick and three freely assignable programming buttons for fast saving and calling various harvesting settings.


The clearly laid out operator console with the colour terminal is to the right of the seat. The colour display continuously shows the current data for the operating status of the machine.