14.95 m


4.00 m (transport position)


3.00 m (6 rows with 45 cm rows)

3.30 m (6-rows at 50 cm width and 45-50 cm variable)

Bunker capacity

about 40 m³

Diesel engine


Mercedes Benz V8 OM502LA diesel engine

2800 Nm max. torque


440 kW (598 hp)

Working rpm 1,250 rpm (automotive to max. 1,650 rpm)

Exhaust gas category

Exhaust gas category 97/68/EC 3B (with SCR cat and AdBlue)

Fuel tank

Fuel capacity 1380 litres, AdBlue 120 litres

Separate connection for tanker filling

fuel consumption displayed in l/ha and l/h in terminal

Traction drive


Stepless hydrostatic drive via 2-speed transmission with all-wheel drive

1st gear

0 - 13.5 km/h

2nd gear

0 - 20 km/h

or 0 - 25 km/h (optional)


3 mechanically driven axles with differential locks

Automatic axle-load control for the 3rd axle

Locking oscillating axle for front axle

Automotive driving and lifting

Load limit control

Pressure cut-off


1st axle:

IF 800/70 R 32 Michelin

2nd axle:

1050/ R 32 Michelin

3rd axle:

1000/50 R 25 Michelin


Driver's position

Cabin mounting on hydraulic dampers

Sound-insulated and tinted all-round windows with low horizon

Heating and ventilation system (automatic climate control)


cruise control

Engine monitoring and machine diagnostics fully integrated in terminal

Grammer air-spring-mounted comfort seat with heating

MP3 radio with audio system

console for telephone


Operating console with colour terminal

Joystick operation


2 LED interior lights

Window wipers

wide-area window wiper


Video monitor with standard reversing camera



Integral defoliator unit with leaf spreading between beet rows, 2 sensor wheels


All-round defoliator unit, push-button operation from the driver’s seat, can be changed for either integral topping or leaf ejection to the left,

2 depth-control wheels (optionally 4 depth-control wheels)


Defoliator unit with leaf ejection to the left, leaf-spreader and 2 depth-control wheels (optionally 4 depth-control wheels)


Rubber defoliator with leaf spreading between beet rows, 2 depth-control wheels

Lifting unit

PR2 lifting unit


45 cm, 50 cm or variable

With faster oscillating share drive by axial-piston motor

Hydraulic stone protection

90 cm depth-control wheels

adjustable taper roller bearings in oscillating share drive and lifting gears

variable adjustment of roller clearance between fourth and fifth lifting roller

Excellent view of lifting unit and scalper with no additional cameras

PR XL lifting unit

6-row 30 inches
8-row 45 cm, 50 cm or 22 inches
9-row 45 cm, 50 cm or 20 inches

Maintenance position

Lifts the defoliator 90 degrees for simple inspection and service of defoliator flails, scalper flails and lifting shares


Infeed conveyor

80 cm wide

50 mm or 60 mm pitch

1st strainer wheel

170 cm diameter

2nd and 3rd strainer wheels

150 cm diameter


90 cm wide

Electrical system


24 V vehicle power supply

2 alternators each 100 A

32 Super-Beam 70 W working floodlights

2 12 V outlets for radio, telephone etc.

CAN-bus computer system with integrated diagnosis of all components connected to the terminal

software can be updated at USB port

Unloading conveyor

Overloading height

up to 4.00 m

Bunker unloading

in less than one minute



central lubricating system

Order evaluation at terminal

Including fuel consumption recording

automatic climate control

Rear apron with 2 integrated storage compartments (not on PR-XL)


Widia shares

25 km/h version

strainer wheel camera

Unloading conveyor camera

2nd LCD colour monitor

Distance Control Assistant
Shaking share

Speed switch

Spring tine grids in straining wheels 1-3

agitator in the 2nd strainer wheel

leaf spreader in stone protection mode

4th axle (required in Germany)

Xenon floodlights

2 LED floodlights in rear apron

Bluetooth MP3 radio

data printer

Data export via USB

Data import and export with order management via USB

GIS interface

GPS drive speed sensor

leaf pile equipment (defoliators with leaf scroll only)

Leaf pile conveyor

Auxiliary 45 cm³ hydraulic pump for auxiliary drive

Biodegradable hydraulic oil

Additional fuel prefilter with water separator SEPAR 60 my

limit sensor on diesel tank

Trailer with air brakes for PR-XL lifting units and hydraulic quick connector

Chicory equipment

Elevator for chicory

Contour marking package as per ECE-R 104