euro-Tiger V8-4 - robust and reliable

The ROPA euro-Tiger V8-4 is considered one of the most reliable root crop bunkers in the world. The power transfer from the 440 kW (598 hp) engine (Mercedes Benz V8 with SCR catalytic converter and AdBlue) of the euro-Tiger V8-4 is more efficient with significantly reduced fuel consumption and greater torque. With its bunker capacity of over 40 m³ it can be used efficiently and flexibly on short and particularly on long beet fields. The perfect combination of automatic bunker filling and hydraulic axle load control (with integrated suspension) ensures optimal traction with best possible weight distribution and outstanding manoeuvrability under all harvesting conditions.

Professional machine in the top class

Good soil protection is maintained by the 800/70 R32 Ultraflex/CHO tyres on the front axle. They require only 1.4 bar tyre pressure even with the bunker fully loaded. The soil is protected and damping characteristics are improved at the same time for even greater driving comfort.


✔    Practical and innovative
✔    Harvesting the complete beet crop
✔    Excellent reliability - sturdy construction
✔    Large bunker capacity - high daily performance
✔    Lower fuel consumption
✔    Reduced wear and tear
✔    Durable with high resale value