References ROPA Panther 2

Here are some impressions of first use of the ROPA Panther 2 at various customers, as well as ROPA service and sales partners around the world

Panther 2 - Munsters Groep B.V. from Deurne, Netherlands

Panther 2XL - LeRoTra ARGE from Warsow, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

Panther 2 - machine community Ambergau eG from Seesen, Lower Saxony

Panther 2XL - LeRoTra ARGE from Warsow, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

ROPA Panther 2 XL with Vredo trailer

ROPA Panther 2 XL with trailer & quick connector

Panther 2 - customer Poirson Sarl from Saint Nabord, France

Panther 2 - SPRL Tasiaux Frères from Taviers-Eghezée, Belgium

Panther 2 - customer PH. VOYEUX ETA from Juprelle, Belgium

Panther 2 - customer S.S. 1 Nolu Tekirdağ Lojistik Motorlu Taşıyıcılar Kooperatifi from Tekirdağ Merkez/Tekirdağ, Turkey

Panther 2 - customer CUMA DE FAUX VESIGNEUL from Faux-Vésigneul, France

Panther 2, Tiger 6S and Tiger 6 - customer Sorel SARL from Rouvrel, France

Panther 2 - customer Pascal Pulinckx from Zétrud-Lumay, Belgium

Panther 2 & Tiger 6 - customer Dubois ETA from Sebourg, France

Panther 2 - customer Catramca from Soissons, France

Panther 2 - customer ETA GERNEZ from La Neuville-Bosmont, France

Panther 2 - SPRL Goffaux Travaux Agricoles from Sombreffe, Belgium

ROPA France in Golancourt, France