R-Connect Online Portal

Based on the example of ROPA Tiger 6S

R-Connect telematics module and remote diagnostics as standard equipment

The ROPA Tiger 6S comes with the efficient telematics hardware including SIM card for online access as standard equipment. The telematics module is thus the basis for proactive Service 4.0, particularly for predictive analytics and fast assistance and diagnostics if service is required on any continent. If service work is required, the service technician can link directly to the terminal and the machine controller to assist the driver with resolving the problem.

The R-Connect portal is the perfect tool for drivers and managers to use for online order processing and for optimisation of machines and fleets. Now the supervisor can be present virtually "live" on the machine with the help of online facilities. A diesel supplier, for example, can also be granted access to the current location of the machine and the fuel level as well as AdBlue level, if provided. The ROPA R-Connect online portal can be opened via a web browser with any device (PC, tablet, smartphone).

The dashboard shows the current status of the machines and the daily output. The location, road and harvesting travel along with the current harvesting progress of the various machines can be viewed in the individual view along with additional details. Finished orders are transmitted to the R-Connect portal where they can be viewed and evaluated by the machine schedulers in the R-Connect online portal as well as downloaded.

R-Connect - simply connected

Many things become much easier with the R-Connect online portal

Many things become much easier with the R-Connect online portal, even if it's only about bringing the driver a delicious snack in the field.

Experience the numerous possibilities of ROPA R-Connect and talk to your ROPA company representative or sales partner.

R-Connect monitor - silver medal at Agritechnica

R-Connect Monitor offers intelligent and fully automatic image documentation during the sugar beet harvest. Photos tagged with the location are automatically taken during lifting and while emptying the bunker.

The pictures taken by the optional camera on the cabin roof for monitoring the state of the crop before harvest and the pictures of the camera on the unloading conveyor for checking the quality of the harvest during unloading are allocated to the lifting order in the R-Connect portal.

R-Connect monitor for image documentation

The harvested area, the yield (number of bunker fillings) and the position of the beet clamp can all be recorded. This Agritechnica innovation can now save a visual record of the beet area before the harvest and also the result of the harvest.

  • Images tagged with location record.
  • Documentation of the machine settings with the image.
  • Photos tagged with the location are automatically taken during lifting and while emptying the bunker and allocated to the harvest order in the R-Connect portal.

Innovations at Agritechnica 2019

  • Images showing the state of the beet crop before harvest in connection with the machine settings and position data
  • Monitoring for weed abundance before lifting  
  • Monitoring the beet crop for diseases, such as rhizoctonia, cercospora and nematodes
  • Optional additional manual image documentation if irregularities cause problems with lifting, e.g. water in the field, foreign objects, power poles, overseeding etc.
  • Pictures during unloading for quality control and documentation of the result of the harvest
  • The documentation of the extraneous matter on the ground and weeds in the beet clamp is very useful information for the logistics of transport with reference to the time required, capability of storage of the beets etc.
  • Contractors and harvesting cooperatives can use the pictures to show customers as evidence of, for example, requirements for increased work (lifting costs)
  • A wide range of sensor data such as rpm, speeds, pressing, volume measurements etc. is much more informative when it is linked with pictures!


Introduction of R-Connect in live operation at the Agritechnica

Benedikt Gebhardt (student in software development at ROPA) presents live operation of the ROPA R-Connect portal at Agritechnica 2019.

Many thanks to our customers, who provided their machines with data for the live presentation during Agritechnica 2019.

R-Connect online service

Remote diagnostics, help and maintenance

At Agritechnica in Hanover, ROPA demonstrated the new Tiger 6S, which is networked with the R-Connect portal via the telematics module installed as standard. ROPA's R-Connect monitor has won a silver medal for the innovations at Agritechnica for fully automated image documentation during the sugar beet harvest.

Now the online service is focused on the further development of the R-Connect online portal.

If a driver needs an assistance in case of service, the R-Connect online service can be used to provide a remote support. In the future, the downtime can be reduced thanks to the new functions of predictive maintenance (predictive service).