ROPA R-Connect in Tiger 6S

Many things become much easier with the R-Connect online portal, even if it's only about bringing a snack for the driver to the field.

Experience the various possibilities of the ROPA R-Connect live at Agritechnica, hall 25 stand H07. The silver medal-winning R-Connect monitor for automatic image documentation during the sugar beet harvesting also celebrates its premiere. We are looking forward to your visit.

ROPA Keiler 2L Classic

ROPA is focusing on growth in the potato market and expanding its line of two-row potato harvesters with the Keiler 2 Classic, which which will be premiered at Agritechnica and goes into series production in 2020. After several years of field testing, pilot models are already in operation in parts of Europe for the 2019 season. The new machine is generally similar to the well-known Keiler 2. The main difference is the separating systems. The Classic has two pintle belts instead of four. The Classic instead has a very spacious sorting stand with room for up to eight persons at the gently rising and generously dimensioned sorting belt with optional haulm conveyor. With the extendable platform in addition to the haulm conveyor the machine makes a convenient workplace for the sorters. Paired with the height-adjustable platforms this allows every workstation to be separately adjusted for maximum ease of working.