Keiler 1

ROPA Keiler 1 - updated version series 2019

The ROPA Keiler 1 is a one-row trailed potato harvester with a 6 t bunker. The Keiler 1 has been specifically designed for customers with increased demands for the highest quality (ware potato) and, at the same time, thorough and extremely gentle cleaning and excellent haulm separation. The load-sensing hydraulics enable fully hydraulic adjustment of the speed of all cleaning components, particularly sieving conveyors and leaf chain.

Keiler 2

ROPA Keiler 2 - actual version series 2019

The ROPA Keiler 2 is a 2-row trailed potato harvester with approx. 7.5 t bunker. As well as new details, the Keiler 2 has a fully hydraulic drive for optimal adjustment for cleaning.The Keiler 2 operates independently of the PTO speed and thus maintains all cleaning units in the optimal speed range. The result is reduced fuel consumption with reduced tractor engine speed.