The power package in the Tiger with 796 hp/585 kW by Volvo

The Tiger 6Sd in the video is equipped with the new VOLVO PENTA TWD1683VE WITH 796 hp/585 KW and is thus ROPA's most powerful beet harvester for maximum area output.   

Volvo Penta has designed this engine specifically for operation in the Tiger 6S. With 16.12 litre capacity, common rail injection, SCR catalytic converter and AdBlue, this engine type delivers its energy even more efficiently and is much cleaner. With two-stage turbocharging, this engine generates an enormous torque of 3,650 Nm. The basis for greater daily output at less fuel consumption and even more power at lower speeds.

At only 1,000 rpm it already generates 3,550 Nm, enabling the machine to save fuel and lift beets longer in the low speed range. With its modern technology this diesel engine complies with EU V emission category even without exhaust gas recirculation.

For countries outside the EU, USA and Canada, ROPA offers the VOLVO PENTA TAD1643VE-B WITH 768 hp/565 KW.

RR-XL lifting units on the Tiger 6S

The ROPA Tiger 6S equipped with the PR-XL series 8 or 9-row wide lifting units is capable of covering significantly larger areas. Advantages of this version are reduced fuel consumption, lower fixed costs and an improved topping quality. With the wide RR-XL lifting units the front axle of the Tiger 6S can use even wider Michelin IF 900/60 R38 CerexBib2 tyres for greater soil protection. Fewer passes and manoeuvres also contribute to soil protection.

Significantly higher area performance with reduced fuel consumption leads to lower costs during the profitable and efficient sugar beet harvesting season. Fewer passes and manoeuvres also contribute to better soil protection.