Sugar beet harvest at the Rodegemeinschaft Northeim

In September, we accompanied the sugar beet harvest at the Rodegemeinschaft Northeim.

For the 2020 harvest, a ROPA Panther and a ROPA Tiger 6 were replaced with two new ROPA Tiger 6S.
Together with an euro-Tiger V8-3 (built in 2011), the Rodegemeinschaft Northeim harvested over 2,600 hectares in 2020.

Watch the video to experience a Tiger 6S in action at the Rodegemeinschaft Northeim in an idyllic setting near the Klosgergut Wiebrechtshausen.
Philipp Eickemeyer talks about his experiences as head of the Rodegemeinschaft Northeim. 

A third Tiger 6S in 2021

The members of the Rodegemeinschaft are especially enthusiastic about the high quality of the work and low fuel consumption.
Due to additional fields to be harvested and the positive experiences with the two Tiger 6S, a third Tiger 6S will be added to the fleet in 2021.

Many thanks to the Rodemeinschaft Northeim for the long-standing partnership and special thanks to Philipp Eickemeyer and Jonas Büttner for their hospitality!