Due to its area and population, China is a significant sugar producer. The main region for sugar beet cultivation is Northern China with the provinces of Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia.
Here, sugar beet is grown on an area of about 200,000 ha. In the 2020/2021 season, about 1.5 million tonnes of beet sugar were produced in China.

The ROPA logos show ROPA's service support locations in China. The red pins mark the different sugar beet cultivation areas in the country.

The first ROPA sugar beet harvester was shipped to China in 2010, followed by another five sugar beet harvesters a year later. Based on positive experience, the number of machines increased steadily. Currently, over 100 ROPA harvesters and cleaner-loaders work in China. More machines have been delivered for this season campaign. Only Aodu Sugar Factory has 16 machines in operation in Southern Xinjiang. 35 ROPA harvester and 33 ROPA loaders are in operation in the Xinjiang area, marked in green, and other machines work in Inner Mongolia.

In Inner Mongolia (marked in blue), especially in the Hailar/Eerguna region, the season lasts only 15-20 days. In the Hailar region, with a cultivated area of 20,000 ha, sugar beet is harvested from mid to late September.
Due to the very short campaign, the harvesters and loaders are transported by trucks and low-loaders from Xinjiang to Hailar for harvesting and then brought back - the one-way distance is about 5,000 km!

ROPA China and three sales and service partners

ROPA China was founded in 2018 as a subsidiary of ROPA Sittelsdorf. A strong service team helped to establish further sales and service partners and to train their staff accordingly. During campaign, the ROPA China team supports service partners directly at the customer's site or in case of specific issues. ROPA China maintains an extensive spare parts warehouse with large parts and service parts ready for any eventuality.

ROPA China - ROPA Agricultural Machinery Trading (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
No. Jia 7, Tianzhu West Road Shunyi District, 101312 Beijing, China


The subsidiary and 3 other sales and service partners provide comprehensive support to our customers:

•    AINONG MASAI in Beijing in Inner Mongolia and Hebei

•    TOPSUN in Urumqi / Northern Xinjiang

•    GREENFOOD in Southern Xinjiang

The customer's demand for used ROPA machines is constantly growing in China

In the beginning, customers mainly ordered new machines, but in recent years a clear demand for used machines has developed and intensified.

By now, the drivers have become familiar with the machines and technology; and the trained service technicians have gained wide experience in working with the machines. The technology has clearly exceeded expectations, especially in terms of operational safety, and customers are happy to buy used machines without having second thoughts. It is mainly due to the operational safety and quick amortization.

With an average harvesting area of 400 to 500 ha per machine, a used machine in China is amortized within a short time and creates additional liquidity for further investments. The drivers appreciate the low maintenance requirements and easy operation.