Over 230,000 experts and visitors travelled to SIMA in Paris, the French capital city, once again confirming its dynamic and international importance. The 78th SIMA in Paris was a great success for the team of ROPA France. The latest sugar beet and potato harvesting technology as well as wood chippers from Albach and for the first time sugar beet cleaning vehicles from Bergmann were presented at the ROPA stand.

Unique booth design with wooden house and Bavarian beer garden.

The tradition at ROPA is to design and build our trade fair booths in-house - we do not use a trade fair specialist. ROPA places great value on continuing the company's unique marketing and booth design with wooden house and beer garden. It represents a traditional, down to earth family company with our roots in Bavaria, an international outlook and great powers of innovation. ROPA is particularly noted for maintaining close contact with customers and providing every customer with a personal customer support representative. Customers and other interested persons feel at home with ROPA with the relaxed atmosphere and personal attention at the booth in spite of the crowds of visitors.

Keiler 2

The jury of European journalists from the Terre-net and Deutscher Landwirtschaftsverlag (the German agricultural publishing house) named the ROPA Keiler 2 "The Machine of the Year 2019". We are happy about the Award and we see it as a confirmation for our previous work and as a motivation for the future.

Keiler 2 with the option of an overloading bunker was also presented at the stand of ROPA France. It convinces with increased efficiency and more strength since overloading can be performed directly during the harvesting. The overloading bunker has a capacity of more than 5.5 tons of potatoes and a newly developed automatic bunker unloading. The structural separation of bunker trough and unloading conveyor enables time-saving and complete bunker emptying.

Keiler 1

The ROPA Keiler 1 is a single-row potato harvester which also can be used for harvesting special crops. The quick-change system is a practice-oriented solution for potato farmers who may need to change their pickup system several times a day to harvest onions, carrots or red beets. ROPA has designed a practical new quick-change system for switching between row pickup and swath pickup. The Keiler 1 pickup can be changed in just a few minutes. One person can perform the complete coupling process easily and without requiring special tools.

Tiger 6 and Panther 2 sugar beet harvesters

The Tiger 6 impresses with it's new machine design, awarded with the Red Dot Design Award. The extremely soil-friendly hydraulic chassis system "R-Soil Protect" with automatic slope compensation is the basis of sustainable soil protection during sugar beet harvesting. The more powerful bunker-emptying system provides faster truck loading on the move. ROPA R-Cab2 comfort cabin with glass touch terminal, Wi-Fi interface and several automatic programs offers the highest travelling comfort for the best harvesting results.

All ROPA lifting units have a fully hydraulic drive for the complete lifting unit. The program range includes 6, 8 and 9-rowed lifting units with various row widths and hydraulic single-row adjustment. 6-rowed variable lifting units can be optionally adjusted from 45 cm to 50 cm row distance from the driver's cab.

Overloading during harvesting was demonstrated vividly at the ROPA booth by exhibiting the Panther 2 in conjunction with the Bergmann RRW 400 sugar beet cleaning vehicle. In many French regions overloading during harvesting is standard process, especially on long fields on which even the bunker volume of the Tiger 6 is not enough from the start to the end of the field. The driver of Panther 2 has an optimal view of the unloading operation due to the extra long unloading conveyor, which is located on the front part of the machine. The extra long unloading conveyor was based on the length and concept of the Tiger 6.

Maus 5

The Maus 5 is impressive with the redesigned R-Concept cabin. The overall design that combines capacity and efficiency with the 10.2 m wide pickup system and offers practice-oriented developments with the latest technical innovations. The counterweight arm, over 9 metres long, guarantees absolute stability on every terrain even with the truck loader at maximum width.


ROPA France, the general importer for the Albach company in France, presented the Diamant 2000. High power, excellent torque output and low speed - the design of the Volvo engine and the chipping and driving characteristics of the self-propelled wood chipper are an ideal combination.The Diamant 2000 is powered by the 768 hp (565 kW) Volvo engine, like the ROPA Tiger 6 and Panther 2 harvesters. The chipper with its outstanding road speed of 70 km/h is now approved for operation on motorways in France.


Starting from 1 January 2020 the French subsidiary ROPA France will operate as the general importer for Ludwig Bergmann GmbH. The cooperation has been confirmed officially at SIMA. The two-axle cleaning vehicle Bergmann RRW 400 with 40 m³ capacity as well as a multi-purpose sprayer TSW 6240 W were presented at the ROPA stand.

ROPA France

At this point we in Sittelsdorf would like to express our heartfelt praise and gratitude to all the team of ROPA France for the outstanding and beautifully designed ROPA booth at SIMA! The ROPA stand, planned and designed by Carolin Paintner, was completely self-made and assembled by them.