ROPA and the ROPA France team presented the latest sugar-beet and potato-harvesting technology and also Albach wood chippers at Sima in Paris, the largest agricultural equipment trade fair in France. The new Tiger 6 and Panther 2 beet lifters were introduced to the world at Sima. The heart of the new design of the two machines is the new 700 hp or 768 hp Volvo 16.12 litre engine with pump-nozzle injection. The ROPA Keiler potato harvesters made an impression with their very high-quality finish, the fully hydraulic drive and numerous unique technical features.

Premiere of the ROPA Tiger 6

The ROPA Tiger 6, the most powerful sugar-beet lifter in the world, was awarded a gold medal for innovation for its overall design at the Agrosalon trade fair. The heart of the machine is the new 700 hp or 768 hp engine with pump-nozzle injection and 16.12 litre capacity. Compared to the Tiger 5, power has been increased to 105 kW (142 hp). The new machine design has a perfectly integrated drive system with automatic slope compensation and is extremely gentle on the soil. The more powerful bunker-emptying mechanism provides faster truck loading on the move. The comfort cabin with glass touch terminal, WLAN interface and numerous automatic programmes offers top driving comfort for the best lifting results.

Stepless gearbox for efficient power transfer

The new stepless traction drive was specifically developed by ROPA, Omsi and Bosch-Rexroth for the ROPA Tiger with its high drive power. The "constant variable ROPA" gearbox (CVR) consists of three hydraulic motors on a compound gearbox and is located between the engine compartment and the third axle. The maximum speed of 40 km/h can be reached by the Tiger 6 at an extremely economical 1195 rpm. Harvesting in the field can be performed at an engine speed of only 1,100 rpm. Depending on power requirements the rotational speed of the Tiger is automatically regulated up to 1,650 rpm. The multi-disk differential brakes integrated into the axles (protected from dirt) running in oil bath "tame" the Tiger as required. 

Reduced rpm up to 40 km/h, continuously variable and no torque interruption.

Highlight!! – Cabin and operating concept of the ROPA Tiger 6 sugar beet harvester

The redesigned and very spacious R-Cab driver's cabin has been significantly upgraded and is suspended on hydrobushings. It is oriented to the driver, who has the best overview of the redeveloped PR2 lifting unit from a physiologically appropriate and comfortable seating position.

The easy-care, pleasant and attractive interior of the new cabin guarantees the most comfortable operation. There are generously dimensioned shelves, storage compartments and plenty of space around the driver. A cooler and the integrated seat ventilation for hot days and seat heater for colder weather are standard equipment. Extremely powerful fully LED working lights turn night into day.

Ergonomics and comfort with the driver at the centre.  

Premiere of the ROPA Panther 2

ROPA is pushing forward with the new model of the two-axle beet lifter into a new performance dimension. Sporty modern design with manoeuvrability and agility combines with a "workhorse" in the new Panther 2 for pure pleasure when lifting beets. There are sufficient power reserves for the most extreme lifting conditions, and using XL lifting attachment demonstrates the centrepiece of it all: the new 700 hp or 768 hp Volvo inline engine with pump-nozzle injection and 16.12 litre capacity. The award winning and soil-protecting chassis system with roll stabilisation and automatic slope compensation have been flawlessly integrated into the new machine design. The unloading conveyor derived from the Tiger 6 with a more powerful hopper emptying facilitates quicker loading during the drive. The new comfort cabin with the R-Concept operating philosophy and touch terminal along with the numerous automatic programmes is the basis for outstanding driving comfort and the best lifting results.

Enlarged cleaning area

In accordance with the higher engine power, the cleaning power has also been adapted in the Panther 2. The RR lifting attachment has an additional seventh lifting roller included and therefore offers a cleaning area which is over 15 per cent larger. A broadened inlet to the filter belt channel guarantees an even quicker beet flow to the enlarged turbine area. After the first turbine with a 1,740 mm diameter, two more follow, each with a diameter of 1,550 mm, before the beets are moved gently into the 1,000 mm wide bunk elevator.

Extremely long unload conveyor

The new extremely long unloading conveyor was based on the length and concept of the Tiger 6. It is located between both axes, directly after the articulated joint. When loading on trailers driving alongside, the transfer angle is shallower. The unloading conveyer is 1600 mm wide and foldable in 3 places. By basing this on the construction of the Tiger 6, the height could be further reduced despite the increased loading width - a major advantage for lifting using a power supply line. The bunker unloading, which compared to the Panther 1 is even more powerful, ensures faster loading on the move. Gentle polyurethane fingers guarantee high feeding capacity with short unloading times of as little as 50 seconds with a full beet bunker holding around 30 m3. The automatic bunker filling allows optimum traction under all harvest conditions by excellent weight distribution. Two ultrasound sensors measure the bunker loads and therefore the load, and save it in the impact database.

Roll stabilisation with fully automatic wheel load and slope compensation

The Panther 2 has, like its predecessor, an innovative chassis concept with 2 floating axles in conjunction with 4 stabilising cylinders. Compared to conventional chassis of 2-axle beet harvesters this reduces the sway of machine by 50 per cent. The reason for the improvement is the hydraulic connection of the stabilising cylinders at the front and rear axles on one side, so unevenness at one wheel at a different level only affects the frame by 50 per cent compared to the previous system. Thanks to the reduction of the chassis swing, the row and depth control is improved simultaneously, as the frame is averaged to the position of both axles.

ROPA Keiler potato harvester

Innovations in potato technology

ROPA presented new wizard systems and additional optional ISOBUS functions for the ROPA Keiler potato harvesters at Sima. Additional attachments for the fully hydraulic drive enable the user to save user-defined machine settings for adjustment to specific field conditions or when switching between ware potatoes and starch potatoes. The optional automatic sieve conveyor controls the cleaning elements based on speed. A minimum and maximum speed can be set and the ratio between minimum and maximum can be adjusted. The intelligent automatic overload system is derived from the Tiger sugar beet harvester and reliably prevents the potato harvester from overrunning. The AUX-N function allows harvesting functions to be actuated with the tractor joystick or by additional controls. The Basic task controller records the field documentation for output to the field file in the ISO-XML file format.

ROPA Maus 5

The Maus 5 is impressive with the redesigned R-Concept cabin. Based on the proven euro-Maus 4, the R-Concept, already familiar from Panther and Tiger 5, has been integrated and supplemented with numerous comfort functions. The overall design that combines capacity and efficiency with the 10.2 m wide pickup system and offers practice-oriented developments with the latest technical innovations. The counterweight arm, over 9 metres long, guarantees absolute stability even with the truck loader at maximum width.

Albach wood chipper

ROPA France, the general importer for the Albach company in France, presented the Diamant 2000. A total of 85 Albach wood chippers are already in use in France. High power, excellent torque output and low speed - the design of the Volvo engine and the chipping and driving characteristics of the self-propelled wood chipper are an ideal combination. The Diamant 2000 is powered by the 768 hp (565 kW) Volvo engine, like the ROPA Tiger 6 and Panther 2 harvesters. The chipper with its outstanding road speed of 70 km/h is now approved for operation on motorways in France.

At this point we in Sittelsdorf would like to express our heartfelt praise and gratitude to all the team at ROPA France for the outstanding and beautifully designed ROPA booth at Sima! They were solely responsible for the planning and assembly of the booth. We would particularly like to thank our carpenter Werner Raab for his assistance with the construction of the log cabin!