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ROPA Ukraine

Premises of the subsidiary ROPA Ukraine


Sittelsdorf/Polkovnichye. ROPA opened a new service center of ROPA Ukraine in Polkovnichye, 120 km southward of Kiev, in Odessa direction. The family Paintner created the best conditions for acknowledged ROPA service on 7 ha of ROPA Ukraine premises. The service buildings including the newly constructed now have in total 4500 m2. More extensive building complex with over 1500 m2 provides ample capacity for spare parts warehouse, training and sales.


The core principles of ROPA include, in addition to the production of reliable, practical and long lived machines, personal contact with the customers and the best possible service and support at any location worldwide. To meet these requirements, ROPA creates alongside with global sales and service partners its own subsidiaries as direct sales and service companies. The first established subsidiary was ROPA France (Golancourt / France, 2000). It was followed by ROPA Ukraine (Bela Tserkva / Ukraine, 2003), ROPA Rus (Chaplygin / Russia, 2004), ROPA Polska (Miekinia / Poland, 2006), and finally ROPA Povolzhie (Kazan, 2007) as the second subsidiary in Russia.


The now accomplished construction of the new ROPA Ukraine service center became another milestone in the successful history of Paintners and company ROPA. ROPA harvester was used for the first time in Ukraine in 1998. Meanwhile, there are 146 ROPA sugar beet harvesters and 107 loaders used for harvesting in Ukraine. 65 people work currently at ROPA Ukraine, most of them are professional experts in the field of customer service and support. Many of them have been and will be further qualified at ROPA in Sittelsdorf. Mobile service locally in the field is provided by 8 service cars with all necessary tools, which are available for the most distant customers, e.g. 680 km to the west of Ukraine and 800 km to the east. After the harvesting campaign, the used machines of the customers are maintained and prepared for the next campaign in ROPA Ukraine service center. Many of the sugar beet harvesters make 1000-2000 ha per campaign.


ROPA Ukraine is also the base of scale agricultural researches made by Hermann Paintner


At the company headquarters in Sittelsdorf Paintners manage their own farm enterprise with about 200 ha of sugar beet, wheat, potatoes and oilseed rape. Since 2004, Herrmann Paintner has farming facilities also in Ukraine. Around the territory of ROPA Ukraine he grows at the approximately 1,500 hectares of leased area sugar beet and cereals. Own farm has decisive advantages for ROPA. Thus, the staff has a direct approach to practice and can meet the needs and understand requirements of machine operators better. All developments match the practical requirements and are simultaneously checked for practicality. The areas in Ukraine are especially good for new researches. Thanks to the large structures, new developments and improvements can be thoroughly examined here before been introduced into the market. Moreover, researches in crop and plant protection are also performed in Ukraine.


About ROPA:

In 1972, Hermann Paintner, the founder of ROPA Fahrzeug- und Maschinenbau GmbH designed and constructed his first self-propelled sugar beet harvester. Since that, the family enterprise has become a leading specialist in production of machines for harvesting, cleaning and loading of sugar beet. Today ROPA is a leading producer of machines for sugar beet harvesting, cleaning and loading not only at home in Germany, but also in Europe and in the whole world. 277 new machines have left the factory in Sittelsdorf for the last campaign. At the headquarters of ROPA in Lower Bavaria, Sittelsdorf, more than 300 people are employed now. With all employees in the subsidiaries the ROPA team consists of around 500 employees.









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