Premiere at Potato Europe

ROPA expands its range of two-row potato harvesters with the Keiler II Classic, which will be in series production for the 2020 harvest. After several years of field testing, pilot models are already in operation in parts of Europe for the 2019 season.

The new machine is generally similar to the well-known Keiler II. The main difference is in the separation units. The Classic has two pintle belts instead of four. The Classic instead has a very spacious sorting stand with room for up to eight persons at the gently rising and generously dimensioned sorting belt with optional haulm conveyor. With the extendable platform in addition to the haulm conveyor the machine makes a convenient workplace for the sorters. Paired with the height-adjustable platforms this allows every workstation to be separately adjusted for maximum ease of working. 

Where cleaning requirements are minimal, the rotating finger comb (UFK) can be replaced with triple deflector rollers and the haulm conveyor can be left out. This can save money and weight. These options are available as modules for retrofit if required. The option of conversion is taken into account from the start of the design process.

The same applies for the machine with four pintle belts. The previous machine can also be supplied for the 2020 season with optional deflector rollers instead of the UFK and without haulm and trash conveyor, thereby rounding out the professional range.

The Keiler II Classic, like all models, is fully hydraulically driven and comes with the ISOBUS control unit as standard equipment. The quick-change frame for the pickup is also integrated as standard equipment, enabling this machine to be used for harvesting onions and other specialised crops with the reduced cleaning units. The telescopic axle has also been integrated to allow extension by up to 3 m during harvesting and up 3.5 m to ensure high stability with lifting.

Like the current model, the Classic can be optionally fitted with drive wheel and truck loader bunker. The volume of the truck loader bunker on the Classic can be increased above 6 t.

During last year's field tests, the overall design demonstrated very high output with maximum product protection in areas with low cleaning requirements (sandy or separated soils). Without the cleaning units (pintle 1 and pintle 2), the machine is even more open, accessible and easier to service than the previous Keiler II.

This model will be available for sale starting at Agritechnica 2019. At Potato Europe in Belgium (04.09. - 05.09.2019) it will be presented to the international professional audience for the first time.

ROPA anticipates significant positive growth in world sales with this model with the population of Keilers increasing rapidly from the current more than 350 machines delivered. The outlook for this development in the potato market is positive.