Sittelsdorf / Essen. The Red Dot Jury has handed down its decision: after detailed testing of all submitted products over several days of evaluation, the ROPA Tiger 6 has been awarded the "Red Dot" in the Design Award 2018. The committee of experts only awards the internationally acknowledged seal of quality to products that combine innovation with a high degree of design quality. The Red Dot is an award for high quality of design combined with practical innovation.

The ROPA Tiger 6 with 768 hp and a 16.12 liter engine is the most powerful sugar beet lifter in the world. The new design of the patented hydraulic chassis with automatic slope compensation and roll stabilization results in an extremely maneuverable machine that also presses lightly on the soil in the field. Gentle and consistent lifting of sugar beets is guaranteed by a sensor-controlled depth guide on the lifting unit. The functional, open design of the vehicle includes the cleaning and transport of the harvest to the bunker by strainer wheels and infeed conveyors. Most of the earth adhering to the beets is removed during the cleaning process.

Cabin with its panoramic view and generous space

The cabin with its panoramic view gives the best possible view of the working environment and feels very spacious. All controls and displays are clearly and intuitively placed for the driver. The driver of the machine has a comfortable and top-class work environment with touch terminal and numerous automatic programs. More than 150 control valves, 39 hydraulic drives, 16 hydraulic pumps and more than 100 cylinders are controlled from the driver's seat. More than 3500 feet of hydraulic lines support the extremely high efficiency of the ROPA Tiger 6 and make it one of the most technically complex harvesters available in the agricultural world.

Design, innovation and development – in-house design by Carolin Paintner

Carolin Paintner (shareholder and designer) worked on the design of the Tiger 6 with Maximilian Englbrecht (marketing manager)

In the evolution of the development of the sugar beet harvester the Tiger 6, in addition to its greatly improved "inner values", was also intended to present an innovative appearance. In the light of this clearly defined goal, Michael Gruber, manager of sugar beet technology at ROPA, worked with junior manager Carolin Paintner (diploma in design) to redesign the ROPA flagship. Detailed plans were drawn up, modeled in 3D and innovative sheet metal designs were developed. In particular, the shape and proportions of the ventilation grids in the engine compartment were completely redesigned. Deliberately asymmetrical accents form a visually arresting appearance. Superfluous style elements have been deliberately omitted. The new Tiger 6 presents a powerful and dynamic appearance while simultaneously retaining its elegant machine characteristics.

Just as the tiger walks lightly through the jungle on velvet paws, the Tiger 6 is equally light-footed in the field during the sugar beet harvest. The sustainable, soil-protection effect of the patented R-Soil Protect chassis is consciously underlined by the design of the machine. The visualization of quality emphasizes the power of innovation at ROPA. The Tiger is designed for pride in ownership, to arouse emotion and at the same time to meet the promise of quality.

"Trend-setting and innovative design has always been my passion. The new appearance of the Tiger emphasizes its power and dynamics. We have put our heart into the development of this design. This makes the recognition with the Red Dot Design Award so much more significant for me, because this prize is not only an award for the appearance and esthetics of the product but also, and much more, a recognition of all our team and the team spirit at ROPA," says Carolin Paintner.

The ROPA trademark – practical, durable and reliable technology

ROPA remains true to its heritage as a manufacturer of reliable and durable machines. All aspects of the shape and lines are harmonized and optimized for practical operation. All parts of the body are manufactured in the factory from metal using our modern laser plants and forming presses.

All metal constructions and body parts produced at ROPA are shot-blasted and powder-coated to ensure durable paint quality and to keep the paintwork looking new even after years of operation. The ROPA paint coating with specially sustainable processing technology was awarded the "Besser lackieren. Green Award" [Better painting. Green award] prize in 2015.

Implementation of the design in a prototype was a major challenge, particularly with the requirement that no compromises regarding functionality and safety would be acceptable. The designers from research, development and prototype construction were able to produce the final version of the Tiger 6. The combined efforts and the cooperation of the team has given ROPA not only the most powerful sugar beet harvester in its range but in the judgment of the Red Dot Jury the most modern.