The premium potato harvester is a winner of the German Innovation Award

On the occasion of Agritechnica 2023, ROPA presents the latest generation of its two-row trailed potato harvesters. The ROPA Keiler 2 RK22 introduces a new era in the potato harvesting technology. A blend of innovative technical solutions and aesthetically pleasing design features, together with an advanced hydraulic and operating concept create this top-quality machine of the premium class. The new Keiler 2 embodies sustainable agriculture based on innovation, digitalisation and networking. 
For its general concept and technological leadership, the potato harvester was recently presented with the German Innovation Award 2023. 

Overview of new features:

■   telescopic axle with 30% greater wheel steering force and extended swing angle
■   cutting-edge LED lighting with more spotlights on the entire machine
■    increased safety with three emergency stop switches as standard and new machine software
■    hydraulic support stand in the centre of the machine - no need to fold it
■    ergonomic and safe sorting platforms with full-length handrail  


The Keiler 2 RK22 can be used not only for potatoes, but also for other crops such as onions, carrots, celery, parsnips, Jerusalem artichokes and beetroot. 


The working hydraulics of the Keiler 2 RK22 have been completely redesigned for even more responsive control of all drives and functions as well as increased drive power. The Keiler 2 is unique among all tractor-towed implements thanks to its fully hydraulic drive of all separation systems, conveyors and chains in conjunction with an internal, electronically controlled load-sensing working hydraulics.
Designed for long life, this construction is precisely controllable and ensures increased harvest quality while saving fuel and resources.


■    all drives are supplied by axial piston pumps with variable displacement volume
■    all cleaning units maintain their optimal speed independently of the PTO speed
■    all cleaning units are steplessly adjustable in speed
■    fuel-saving and resource-conserving due to reduced engine speed
■    operational safety thanks to reversible sieve conveyor 1 or lifter chain
■    reversible trash conveyor for direct return of the admixtures into the sieve conveyor 2, while the right discharge chute retains its function

  1. PTO shaft
  2. Axial-piston pumps for all drives
  3. Load sensing operating hydraulics


Compared to the previous model, its fully hydraulic drive has been equipped with two additional variable displacement axial piston pumps. Thereby, a gear pump for the pickup drives has been replaced by an axial piston pump. The same applies to the disc coulter drive or the cover belt and the lifting shaft of the swath pickup.
One more axial piston pump supplies the drives for UFK ("rotating finger comb"), as well as the deflector rollers of the pintle belt 1. A decisive advantage, as it results in an increased performance due to perfected separation and significantly more drive power at the pintle belt 1. In addition, speed of the deflector rollers at the pintle belt 1 can be adjusted separately to its own speed.
From now on, 6 variable displacement axial piston pumps, or 7 if you count the wheel drive, provide reliable service in the working hydraulics. Compared to standard drive designs, the Keiler 2 RK22 impresses with further improved energy efficiency, even lower fuel consumption and reduced operating noise.


  1. Connection to the tractor
  2. PTO shaft
  3. Power beyond connections with load-sensing control line, coupled to the tractor
  4. Axial-piston pumps for all drives
  5. electronically controlled load sensing operating hydraulics


The visionary hydraulic concept offers precise electronic load-sensing hydraulics to the tractor with responsive control and therefore greater working safety.
The Keiler 2 RK22 contains new, patented hydraulic components from HYDAC TECHNOLOGY GmbH, which are used for the first time in series production of a trailed implement.
The tractor hydraulic system supplies oil to the potato harvester only when the hydraulic power is required. The electronic load-sensing system regulates the quantity required to match the demand. Compared to standard hydraulic load-sensing systems, the function-dependent intelligent control of the hydraulic pressure on the tractor minimises vibrations in the hydraulic system of the harvester and significantly improves the precision and steerability of working functions. Lower tractor engine speed saves fuel and resources. The hydraulic system can be individually adapted to the various requirements of the implement and work process by means of different characteristic curves.


Depth guide

One of the innovations is the hydraulically controlled depth guide for even finer regulation of the harvesting depth with a pressure regulating cartridge specifically developed for it. The new Keiler has familiar regulation systems from the Tiger 6S and Panther 2S self-propelled sugar beet harvesters.

Quick-change system

The quick-change system allows to exchange the ridge pickup for a swath pickup, a pickup without ridge rollers or pickups for special crops within a few minutes and without special tools. A practical solution for potato farmers who also grow onions and red beets and may need to change their pickup system several times a day.


The first lifting chain or sieve conveyor on the Keiler 2 RK22 is now hydraulically reversible.

Twin-Clean is the new optional split of the first sieve conveyor into a lifting chain and a sieve conveyor. Both conveyors can be operated with different pitches and at different speeds. It is as useful for quick replacement of the first lifting chain as for adjustment to different harvesting conditions or when switching to onions. The sieve channel is designed in such a way that the Twin-Clean can also be retrofitted later.

The interaction between the leaf chain and the arrangement of the retention springs has been adapted for optimised leaf removal and improved separation as well as reducing potato losses at the same time. The pull-off rods can be easily installed if required.

ROPA Keiler 2 RK 22 - DoubleSelect

The DoubleSelect option for better separation performance on cloddy and stony soils will be available for the RK22 from the 2025 season. With this option the harvester has an additional triple UFK on the pintle belt 2 with a separate trash track and a retractable sorting platform next to the pintle belt 3. The additional UFK can be precisely adjusted in height on both sides of the RK22 DoubleSelect thanks to electric lifting spindle motors.

Illustrations show ROPA Keiler 2 RK21

Horizontal displacement of the deflector rollers on pintle belt 3

Further along the cleaning path of the new Keiler 2, at the pintle belt 3 the deflector rollers can be shifted horizontally. Thus, the crop flow to the pintle belt 4 can be adjusted according to the cleaning requirements.

Another new feature is the independent speed adjustment of both UFK rows at the pintle belt 4.

In future, the picking conveyor and the trash track can be adjusted in speed independently of each other both from the tractor cab and at the sorting platform. The trash track has its own control buttons.

The perfect accessibility and service-friendliness of the previous model have been retained and further improved.


Standard symmetrical shapes and patterns are self-explanatory and easy to grasp for the users.Generally, the perspective of the machine remains the same for better orientation; the bird's-eye view makes the user feel more secure and comfortable when operating the Keiler. 
Each adjustable cleaning unit is framed uniformly and highlighted in colour for better visibility. Thanks to the flat tree structure, the navigation is simple and intuitive for the users. This feature particularly impressed the jury of the German Innovation Awards. User Experience is a key factor for the product success. The jury noted that the positive user experience contributes greatly to the user-friendliness and functionality. The terminal optics was designed based on the latest knowledge in the field of perception psychology.  

Design of the terminal optics

New control elements on the right and left operating sides make operation of the most important components intuitive and user-friendly.
Three TTC on-board computers of the latest generation offer a lot of potential for further implementation of additional practical functions and wizard systems.


In addition to the machine terminal, the Keiler 2 RK22 can be upgraded with two high-resolution video terminals for digital cameras. Up to 7 high-resolution digital cameras provide a razor-sharp image to the touch displays thus facilitating even further the machine performance and optimising work results. Customisable layouts and zoom function for the video streams add to the comfort and convenience of the system.

Potato bunker scales

For easy harvest management and yield recording. The potato bunker scale records representative data on the crop volume in high quality by means of 6 weighing cells of the latest generation directly at the harvester in the field.


R-Connect is ROPA's telematics solution for holistically networked farm and logistics management with live assistance, documentation, diagnostics and Service 4.0. 

The ROPA Keiler 2 RK22 is equipped as standard with powerful telematics hardware including a SIM card and is connected to the myROPA portal. The telematics module is thus the basis for proactive Service 4.0, particularly for predictive analytics and fast assistance and diagnostics on any continent. In future when service is required, the service technician can link directly to the terminal and the machine controller to assist the driver with resolving the problem. R-Connect offers drivers and schedulers numerous options for machine and fleet optimisation. A user-friendly operating concept helps to reduce time for staff training.


Professional farmers with higher requirements in terms of crop protection, operational safety and long-term service life. In addition to farmers who cultivate their own potatoes, the target group also includes service providers and professional contractors with an increased scope of use.  


"Form follows function" is the guiding principle of the new impressive Keiler's design. 
Simple and clear geometric shapes combined with yellow and blue complementary colours bring a strong visual eye-catching accent.
Its distinctive product logo makes the new Keiler look dynamic and powerful. 
The simple but cutting-edge image of the ROPA Keiler 2 represents digitalisation and Agriculture 4.0. 

The light blue line symbolises the connection of the Keiler to the R-Connect telematics system.
Designer Carolin Paintner considers innovative, simple design paired with functionality and ease of service to be of great importance. It's a functional beauty.


At the ceremony held at Futurium in Berlin, the new ROPA Keiler 2 was presented with the German Innovation Award 2023 for its innovative performance and general concept.
The award, for which ROPA applied in March with its 0-series model, was kept under wraps until the current market launch ahead of Agritechnica.

The German Innovation Award honours cross-sector products and solutions that distinguish themselves primarily through user-centricity and added value compared to previous solutions. The jury honours innovations that shape the future and improve everyday life. The award makes great achievements visible to a broad audience.

The Awarding Authority:

The German Design Council was established by the German Bundestag. It is funded by German industry and advocates for the competitiveness of companies. Since 1953, the German Design Council's awards have honoured design, brand and innovation achievements on an international scale. Design, brand and innovation: only by combining these three elements optimally, a company is prepared for the tough competition in Industry 4.0 and digitalisation. For one does have an impact on the other.

Pictures for the press: ROPA Keiler 2 - RK 22

Pictures for the press: ROPA Keiler 2 - RK 22 L

Pictures for the press: ROPA Keiler 2 - RK 22 Classic