Sittelsdorf / Bockerode / Viersen. At Potato Europe in Bockerode and for the ROPA in-house demonstration on Sunday October 7 at ROPA Rhineland in Viersen-Boisheim, ROPA presented the new Keiler 2L with overloading bunker in practical application for the first time. The ROPA Keiler 2L is a 2-row trailed potato harvester with 5.5 t overloading bunker. As well as new details, the Keiler 2L, like the proven Keiler 2, has a fully hydraulic drive for optimal adjustment for cleaning. The Keiler 2L operates independently of the PTO speed and thus maintains all cleaning units in the optimal speed range. The result is reduced engine rpm of the tractor for low vibration and less noise during harvesting with low fuel consumption.

The Keiler 2L has a telescoping axle and generously-dimensioned 850/50 R30.5 radial tires for the best driving comfort and soil protection. In the field, the Keiler 2L is impressively stable, with improved stability thanks to the axle extending to 3.50 meters. It's easy to harvest lanes with inserted axle from a distance of 3 m. The numerous details include optional hydraulically-driven disc coulters on the left and right, very precise ridge pressure control, speed-controlled sieving conveyor functions for the pintle belts 1 and 2, optimized camera monitoring with automatic video switch makes life easier for the driver by automatically displaying the point where warning limits are reached or, e.g. when backing up, showing the image from the back-up camera.

Essential features of the Keiler 2L with overloading bunker:

  • Optimal filling of the bunker with ultrasound sensors
  • Bunker capacity of 5.5 t
  • Immersion depth of 600 mm at 3.5 m board wall height
  • Transfer roller with 185 mm diameter made of PU discs for gentle transfer to the unloading conveyor, additional cleaning of loose soil
  • Constructive separation of bunker trough and unloading conveyor for time-saving and complete bunker emptying and non-stop harvesting
  • Direct drive of the rod conveyor - trouble-free unloading under all conditions
  • The sequential discharge of the bunker trough contents onto the unloading conveyor in combination with the extendable axle increases driving stability in the field and makes life easier for the driver
  • 3-way foldable unloading conveyor enables flexible unloading


System description

For optimal utilization of the bunker volume, there is sensor-controlled bunker filling. The sequential discharge of the bunker contents onto the unloading conveyor in combination with the extendable telescoping axle increases driving stability in the field and makes life easier for the driver. The unloading conveyor can be folded 3 ways and enables flexible, easy unloading. This way, an overloading height of 3.5 m with an immersion depth of 600 mm in the trailer and maximum unloading height of 4.10 m can be realized.



automatic bunker loading

An ultrasound sensor on the bunker filling belt controls the automatic filling and bunker control. To adhere to the minimum height, the ultrasound sensor continuously measures the fill height. In the end position of the bunker filling belt, the retractable floor and unloading conveyor are enabled at the same time. During unloading, the bunker filling belt is lowered automatically as soon as the distance of the sensor to the potatoes gets larger. This is especially advantageous during the overloading process, it makes the driver's life easier.



Automatic retractable floor

An ultrasound sensor measures the level height on the transfer roller. The retractable floor is enabled automatically as soon as the specified level height of the unloading conveyor is underrun; with exceeding of the level height, the retractable floor is stopped. This function enables continuous, gentle conveying of the potatoes while maintaining excellent unloading performance. The speed of the retractable floor is regulated depending on the unloading conveyor. For a complete emptying of the unloading conveyor during harvesting, the retractable floor can be switched off separately.

Technical data

Bunker capacity

5.5 t

max. overloading height

4.1 m

Immersion depth

600 mm at 3.5 m board wall height

Bend possibilities


Diameter of transfer roller

185 mm

Width of unloading conveyor

2,000 mm

Unloading conveyor

Rubber rod belt (Ø rod: 15 mm)

Pitch 30 mm, clear span 20 mm

Unloading function

Retractable floor bunker can be controlled separately from the unloading conveyor in order to guarantee complete unloading


ISOBUS joystick, freely configurable