ROPA won an award in the field of connectivity and commercial vehicles in the Automotive Brand Contest at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt (IAA). The international jury cited ROPA as a pioneer and driver of innovation in vehicle design and particularly in agricultural technology. The new ROPA Tiger 6S is the implementation of digitalisation and at the same time the embodiment of Agriculture 4.0. ROPA already offers comprehensive driver assistance systems and is also a leader in partially autonomous sugar beet harvesting. The award once again recognises the leading role of the world market leader in sugar-beet harvesting technology, particularly in the field of digitalisation and networking.

Overall concept of technical innovation, digitalisation and modern design

ROPA is convinced that an innovation will often be successful only if a bold vision is combined with the right technology and advanced design. ROPA wishes to win its customers and users with holistic solutions without compromise. ROPA is the partner that can provide support for customers in many fields - new technologies open up completely new possibilities. ROPA has set its sights on recognising and implementing the potential of digital optimisation. And this has paid off; the R-Connect user interface in combination with the new look and feel of the Tiger 6S has convinced not only customers but also the international jury of the "German Design Council".

Award for the ROPA Tiger 6S - the technology leader occupies the premium segment of the market

The ROPA Tiger 6S with up to 796 HP/585 kW is the most powerful sugar-beet harvester in the world.

With the patented hydraulic R-Soil Protect chassis with even more sensitive tilt control, which has received a number of awards, the Tiger 6S protects the soil in the field, forming the basis for sustainable agriculture and soil protection during the beet harvest.

The modern panoramic view from the cabin gives a generous feeling of space and it forms the centre for comprehensive driver assistance systems and partially autonomous sugar-beet lifting. The operator's position in the Tiger 6S is the visual expression of leadership in technology and the breakthrough into a new era of networking in the sugar-beet harvest. Operation at the terminal with interactive buttons highlighted by clear colour design on the modern flat design is even more intuitive and follows the same logic as with tablets and smartphones. Readability and usability is improved with targeted contrast. The Tiger 6S is also the first sugar-beet lifter anywhere that is fitted with digital cameras as standard equipment. The image quality of the digital cameras is significantly better, and the images are sent directly to the two large 12.1 inch monitors over an additional Ethernet network. This high-tech machine is the embodiment of innovation, digitalisation and networking in agricultural technology.

Printout of the innovative new developments in the exterior design of the Tiger 6S

The new image of the ROPA Tiger 6S symbolises digitalisation and Agriculture 4.0. The light-blue line states and represents the networking of the Tiger with the R-Connect online portal. The new product logo is based on the smooth geometric shapes of the low poly style. The play of light and shadow gives the Tiger 6S even greater depth and dynamic. The striking colouring with dark-grey outside contours harmonises with the pale aluminium grey and bright yellow. The Tiger is designed for pride in ownership, to arouse emotion and at the same time to meet the promise of quality.

Award for the R-Connect online portal, the ROPA telematics solution

The R-Connect portal is the perfect tool for drivers and managers to use for online order processing and for optimisation of machines and fleets. Now the supervisor can be present with the machine "live" with the online facilities, where formerly the telephone or email was used for sending data.

The ROPA Tiger 6S comes with a wide range of telematics hardware as standard equipment. It is the basis for proactive Service 4.0, particularly for predictive analytics and fast assistance and diagnostics if service is required on any continent. If service is required, the service technician can link directly to the terminal and the machine controller to assist the driver with resolving the problem.

R-Connect is designed to meet users' requirements and simplify work with intuitive operation

The objective of ROPA was and still is to develop a digital product that meets the requirements of users and customers and that they can enjoy using with the intuitive operation. The whole team developed a product vision and strategy from this concept and worked intensively on the information architecture for an ideal user flow. Designs for screens and interactions were drafted, implemented and tested in this process. The result is an intuitive and clear R-Connect design. The dashboard is a fresh and clear colour design that leaves a consistent impression. The uniform and consistent geometry ensures a clear display and directs the user's focus to the most important elements. The neutral light-grey background gives the platform a technical flavour and in combination with the white information blocks gives the web user interface greater depth for quick grasp of important content. The brilliant ROPA yellow sets accents and has an attractive fresh appearance.

Automotive Brand Contest 2019 – competition at the International Motor Show

The Automotive Brand Contest is the only international brand competition for cars and commercial vehicles. The German Design Council awards the prize for outstanding technical innovation and for product and communication design. The award focuses on the fundamental significance of brand and brand design in the car and commercial vehicle industry. The emphasis is on the holistic, consistent presentation of the technology of the design and the brand, including its presentation outside the industry itself. The Automotive Brand Contest is a platform from which companies can compare and position their achievements before an international audience. Awards are given in 12 different categories and four special categories. The submissions are evaluated based on the criteria of overall concept, product aesthetics and functionality. The submission is required to pay specific attention to concepts such as long life and sustainability. Factors such as design quality and the degree of innovation in the brand design also play a major role in the decision process.

Giving the prizes for the Automotive Brand Contest at the IAA

The prizes were awarded during an evening of celebration at the IAA in Frankfurt.

ROPA is a winner in two categories: in commercial vehicles with the Tiger 6S and in connectivity with the R-Connect online telematics portal.

Apart from ROPA, companies such as Continental won prizes for interactive cockpits, Daimler AG for the Mercedes Benz Urbanetic concept car and Porsche for its range of sports cars. This emphasises even more the power of innovation at ROPA.

German Design Council – the awarding authority

The German Design Council, set up by the German parliament and German industry, is an independent and international institution for assessing the competitiveness of companies. The German Design Council has been awarding prizes internationally for brands and innovations since 1953.

Source: German Design Council/photos: Manuel Debus

Impressions of IAA 2019

ROPA is an agile family company that follows its visions and invests in the future

ROPA is a family-owned SME. In the absence of group structures and requirements set by outsiders ROPA is agile and can act without restrictions. With its healthy financial base, ROPA alone determines the direction of the company, it is flexible and can follow its visions. The sustainable and long-term effects of the company's actions is very important for the family company. ROPA invests in the future, in a modern working environment and most importantly in digitalisation.

ROPA has long realised that digitalisation can be described as a megatrend that is fundamentally changing the economy and business. Even more, ROPA has seized the opportunity of making a targeted investment in networking and Service 4.0.